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halloween: h20

‘Halloween: H20’, 20 Years On – A Retrospective

Original movie slasher, Michael Myers will be looking to stalk babysitter Laurie Strode once more this year when the latest movie in the Halloween franchise hits theaters on October 19th. It will be celebrating the 40th anniver...
by Lee Skavydis

Snake Outa Compton

SMT Thursday Trailers: ‘Snake Outta Compton’ Red Band Trailer

The red band trailer for the craziest, new indie spoof "Snake Outta Compton" has smacked the interwebs hard. SMT gets in on the fun!
by Jason Stewart


Jamie Lee Curtis Returns For 40th Anniversary ‘Halloween’ Movie. But Can The Series Stay Relevant?

It was strongly hinted on social media that True Lies star, Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her role as the virginal Laurie Strode in the upcoming Halloween sequel, scheduled to be released on October 19th,...
by Lee Skavydis



John Carpenter To Bring Scares To SYFY

(AOTN)  John Carpenter, the celebrated director of horror films including “Halloween,” “The Thing,” and “Escape from New York.” Under the new deal, Carpenter will executive produce scripted programming with UCP for...
by Stephen Nepa


How To Make A Worthy Halloween Sequel

John Carpenter was announced as returning to the Halloween franchise last week, albeit as executive producer. Plot and cast details are unknown but with the movie already being postponed more than once, might that be a sign tha...
by Lee Skavydis


John Carpenter’s Best Horror Works: A Countdown

It has been announced that 68 year old legendary horror director, John Carpenter will be headlining the Simple Things Festival in Bristol, England on October 23rd.
by Lee Skavydis



Dimension loses rights to Halloween! A Recap of Their Reign.

There was some big news about the Halloween franchise this week. Dimension has reportedly lost the rights to the series. Right now, the licence is apparently being shopped around to see who will next express a keen curiosity in...
by Lee Skavydis


8 things they need to get right for ‘Halloween Returns’

Halloween is finally approaching this month, and what better way to celebrate than to kick off October 2015 with a discussion about the latest developments and general going on’s with the upcoming Halloween film, slated f...
by Lee Skavydis


Top 5 Most Effective Film Scores

From The Exorcist to Superman, film scores have become something iconic on their own. Today, we are not going to look at necessarily the best film scores, but ones that have been the most effective in evoking the appropriate em...
by Lee Skavydis