September 10, 2017

Cast Of AMC’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Talk Exciting New Season, Possible ‘Walking Dead’ Crossover And More!

(AOTN) We have been eager for the second half of season three of AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead” to premiere, especially after getting the chance to check the extended trailer and catch-up with the cast while out at San Diego Comic Con. It may haven taken them a little while, however we can say with some level of certainty that “Fear The Walking Dead” has finally found its’ footing and has begun to equally rank right up there with its’ counter-part series, “The Walking Dead”.  Kim Dickens (Madison), Colman Domingo (Victor Strand), Mercedes Mason (Ofelia), Michael Greyeyes (Qaletqa Walker), Frank Dillane (Nick), Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia), Dayton Callie (Jeremiah), Sam Underwood (Jake), Daniel Sharman (Troy), and showrunner David Erickson were on hand to give us some of the inside scoop.

Fans of the series have been clamoring for quite some time that they would love to eventually see a cross-over episode or arch between the two hit series and they may end up getting their wish. During the panel for the series, creator Robert Kirkman said he would “love” to do a cross-over episode and the rest of the cast and crew appear to be on board as well. Mercedes Mason, who portrays Ofelia on “Fear The Walking Dead” told us that she thinks her character would be drawn to Rick because he is the strongest of the group, while Michael Greyeyes, who plays Qaletqa Walker, says he and Daryl would make the best pairing. Colman Domingo also joked, that his character Daniel would absolutely take out Negan once and for all, while Kim Dickens continued to coyly play up on the rumors that Madison could indeed by related to Daryl in some way.

When talking to us about the ways that they would like to see their characters ultimately meet their end, a few of the cast members has some interesting ideas.  Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Alicia Clark, says that she would like to see Alicia “shot in the head” by Madison, as she jokingly adds, “Being a walker is not for me! Too much work to put on all that make-up”. While Sam Underwood would like to see Jake Otto meet his end in some very “poetic” way such as possibly drowning in the lake where he first took Alicia.

A burning question for many fans was if any more information was going to be given to us about the death of Jeremiah, however rest assured it will not go unquestioned by Troy. Daniel Sharman reveals, “There’s an investigation there. He knows his father so well, so he knows something isn’t right”. Troy will definitely investigate further and try to unravel what really happened to his father, but just what he will do when he discovers the truth is still a bit of a mystery and could have various consequences.

When speaking about the various ways that the characters have grown over the course of three seasons, Kim Dickens comments on Madison’s evolution by calling her “merciless”. Dickens adds, “When things first began, Madison was really beholden to her morality and her compassion and she realizes the currency now is more brutality. Her main goal throughout has been to survive and protect her family and now it’s at a higher cost.” Madison is still very much dealing with the death of Travis, however despite loving one another very much, they were on two totally different paths and becoming very different individuals. We think this may have ended up costing them their relationship despite what occurred.

The Clark family themselves are at a bit of a breaking point when we last left them in the first half of season three. They are certainly becoming a bit more divided as they all have very different viewpoints as to what is right and wrong. Debnam-Carey says that we will see Alicia, “begin to stake her own path” and she is truly looking forward to just where her characters journey will play out over the course of the season.

When we left off we saw a bit of truce beginning between the Nation and the Otto ranch after Jeremiah’s death and everyone is trying to figure out how to survive together. Show runner Dave Erikson comments, “Thematically, one of the things Season 3 is about is resources and appropriation of resources and land and specifically reappropriation. Another theme is building and rebuilding civilization.” However, everything may not be as ideal as they would imagine. Greyeyes adds, ““I would describe this world as the re-emergence of feudalism. This is a world in which all the old rules are broken, because this is the end of the world. And what emerges is actually sort of our most base instincts. How do we survive?”

We are anxiously awaiting to see what happens!  AMC’s  “Fear the Walking Dead,” will return for the second half of season three with two back-to-back episodes on Sunday, September 10th beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and will consist of eight episodes.

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