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July 21, 2015

Pop! Pop! The Pop Culture Podcast Ep.1- Comic-Con 2015

On the first revival episode of Pop! Pop! The Pop Culture Podcast, the one and only LA Nerd – Joel Reaves, teams up with Age of the Nerd to talk about what they saw at Comic-Con 2015! It’s a trailer-extravaganza!

Listen in as Joel and Taylor discuss: Fantastic 4 – the final trailer was released and damn, are there some harsh words to be said! Batman five Superman – does this exclusive Comic-Con trailer change Joel’s mind about his disinterest for the Man of Steel sequel? Suicide Squad – the trailer showcases our first look at Jared Leto as the Joker and like everyone else and their mom, we have opinions! Deadpool also had an exclusive Comic-Con trailer debut and yes, we loved it!  We talk about all of this and so much more on the first comeback episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!



[0:00-0:44] – Intro

[0:45-4:23] – Final Fantastic Four Trailer

[4:24-16:07] – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-Con 2015 Trailer

[16:08-27:13] – Suicide Squad Trailer & First Look at Jered Leto’s Joker in action.

[27:14-37:25] – Deadpool Trailer

[37:26-42:17] – X-Men: Apocalypse Comic-Con 2015 Sizzle Reel

[42:18-44:50] Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer *SPOILERS*

[44:51-47-:36] Outro / Shout-out’s


What are your thoughts on this year’s slate of Comic-Con trailers? Did the trailers impress or disappoint? Sound off in the comments!


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Joel Reaves
Joel Reaves
Joel (Aka The LA Nerd) is an independent filmmaker and podcaster that loves comic books about zombies, really short walks to the bar, and redheads named MJ but he's definitely not Spider-Man so stop asking, okay? Jeez.


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