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May 12, 2015

Top 5 Things That Fans Expect From Mad Max: Fury Road

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It is less than a week until the release of the highly anticipated reboot of the Mad Max short chain of movies with Fury Road debuting in cinemas later on this week. Mad Max writer/director George Miller has returned to the insanity that is Mad Max to direct the reboot installment, Fury Road. As you can expect, there has been a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the film.

Today, we will explore the expectations of the fans in regards to the upcoming movie that stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. Here is our list of The Top 5 Things that fans expect from Mad Max: Fury Road.

1. Car Action – and lots of it! The Road Warrior is probably the favourite of most of this franchise and the reason is quite clear. There was almost non stop vehicular mayhem! Judging by the trailers, it looks like our wishes are going to be granted and the wretched memory of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome will be an even more distant memory. But will it be a case of us already seeing only the best moments of Road Fury? We will find out in five days.

2. Believable Australian Accents – it is to my understanding that Max Max: Road Fury is a reboot. But to appease the most hardcore fan and respect its roots, it is important not to “Americanize” a series of films that are associated with a long history of being a proud part of Australian heritage. And the principal way to achieve this is to keep the native accent of the characters. It is confirmed that particular characters will be speaking in their Australian accents but whether central character Max, played by Tom Hardy, will is yet to be revealed.

3. Sustained Presence of the V8 Interceptor – I think one of the few mistakes that The Road Warrior made was deciding to part Max with his super cool Interceptor car. The truck he drove in the final act of that movie lacked character and it was gutting when it was realised that Max will no longer be able to roam the wastelands using the one thing that quickly became synonymous with the character. While the Inteceptor has been divulged in the trailers it is unclear whether Road Fury will reverse the mistake that occurred in Road Warrior and show little or a lot of this magnificent car.

4. A Great Villain – It is doubtful that anybody wants to see a repeat of the same type of bad guy that pop singer Tina Turner played in Thunderdome. George Miller needs to win back our trust by creating a worthy adversary for Max. The good news, and probably something that is a sort of homage to the original, is that Miller made the choice to bring back Hugh Keays Byrne. We know you are already thinking, “didn’t he die in the original”? And even though this is a reboot, it would be kind of weird to have the same actor visibly play a different character, especially when he had such a prominent role in the original movie. Well, do not fear! Byrne is covered pretty well with makeup. Therefore, anybody averse to the decision to bring him back once again should only be distracted in a minor way, if at all.

5. And Finally… in order to prevent Mad Max for the new age in becoming just another superficial set of action movies, Max should be a deeply layered character who has a profound past that can be explored in future sequels. Miller demonstrated in the original trilogy that he could achieve this, but has he lost his touch? Dare it be said..

Do you think George Miller’s Reboot will live up to its ridiculous expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Mad Max: Fury Road will be hitting theaters May 14th in the UK and the 15th in the US. 

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