November 16, 2017

NYCC Offers First Details For the New Stephen King Show ‘Castle Rock’

castle rock

New York Comic-Con 2017 was, as always, a success.  The energy of the con is infectious.  Seeing people be themselves, yet wearing costumes of a plethora of pop culture icons, is truly a sight to behold.  In the tumultuous world we all currently find ourselves in, a group of diverse individuals come together to celebrate not only pop-culture and nerdisms, but life itself.  If only the planet earth could be more like Comic-Con, we’d live in more peaceful and blissful utopia, or at the least a much nerdier world.

Just being at New York Comic-Con is a lucky situation we find ourselves in every October.  We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk to actors, directors, producers, artists, and creators about their new projects.  We are offered unique opportunities to hear about projects before details have hit the internet.  This year was no different.  We had the pleasure of interviewing creates and actors of the new Stephen King series ‘Castle Rock’, which airs next year on Hulu.

Executive-produced by J.J. Abrams, ‘Castle Rock’ will provide a look into the Stephen King universe, as locations and characters from many of the worlds King created in his novels are being used for the show.  When we sat down with the folks from ‘Castle Rock’, the teaser trailer hadn’t even been released.  Even though the actors weren’t allowed to give too many details, we learned a great deal by sitting down with the cast, to discuss Stephen King’s influence on them, their characters, and what it meant to work on this new highly anticipated Stephen King adaptation.

First, we spoke with actor André Holland (The Knick, Moonlight) about the type of research he did for his character Henry Deaver, what it was like as an actor to work on the show, and what Stephen King works influenced him most.

Next, we spoke with actress Melanie Lynskey.

At this point, Bill Skarsgård needs no introduction.  After absolutely crushing it as Pennywise in this years most talked about film IT, Skarsgard keeps a close guard on his new Castle Rock character.

Finally, we have co-creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason who were an absolute joy to talk to.  Their excitement for both their new show and Comic-Con in general, was infectious.  You could tell that these guys cared about the source material and are having a blast adapting the work into a new series.

You can check out the beautiful and almost dialogue-less teaser trailer below, which perfectly teases the visual style and tone which we will see on full display early next year.

Check back on Age of the Nerd for more 2017 New York Comic-Con coverage, as well as more on the new Hulu original series ‘Castle Rock’.




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NYCC Offers First Details For the New Stephen King Show ‘Castle Rock’

We had the pleasure of interviewing creates and actors of the new Stephen King series 'Castle Rock', which airs next year on Hulu.
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