September 26, 2017

What’s Up in ‘Gotham’?: A Look at Season 4

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Written by: Chris Salce
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Fox’s Gotham has hit their fourth season and is looking like what could be the most talked about season yet. And this could be for a number of reasons both good and bad. From the marketing to the story arc, there is already so much to be talked about and it’s only one episode in. Let’s get started shall we? Oh! And this will obviously contain spoilers.

When talking about the marketing for the current season, it’s pretty interesting. Since the early development of the series the first question among Bat-fans was “How are you going to have a Batman series without Batman?” Well now it’s almost looking like the bat may show up…kind of. At the end of season three, we get a tiny glimpse of what will come and we see Bruce (David Mazouz) taking matters into his own hands as he stops a mugging and a potential murder much like the one he experienced with his parents. The writers and director of the show even go as far to show Bruce scale a building and do the iconic Batman pose overlooking the city. In the trailer for season 4, we see Bruce dawn a mask and we get a look at the costume for the first time. But does it work?

With all the intentions of having Bruce in costume to symbolize the beginning of the Dark Knight, we (Sean McAloon and I) feel like it does not quite work. (Hear why in the video at the end of the article.)

As for what Gotham showed in the first episode of season 4, we see Bruce wear the mask and costume and to me it doesn’t look as bad because we don’t get a full look at him in costume due to the scene taking place at night and the darkness of the black mutes the details. What did not make sense to me is that he wears the mask to conceal his identity, as would most superheroes and vigilantes, but after beating up a few bad guys, he removes his mask in front of them. So wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of a mask?

What does peak my interest in the first episode is Selina’s and Tabitha’s relationship. By now, I’m sure we have all seen the similarities between Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) and Catwoman. From the dark leather outfit all the way down to the whip. It was obvious that Tabitha’s whip would eventually be handed down to Selina (Cameron Bicondova) at some point in the future. This first episode has Tabitha mentoring and working with Selina so we start their bond become closer and Selina’s beginning into becoming Catwoman.

Other notable happenings we see in episode one are Penguin getting a bit of a new look which is more like a crime boss rather than a lead singer from an emo band circa 2005. And we also see Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahanactually become the Scarecrow but this does not happen until the end, so before that you have to sit through a whole episode of watching a character use Scarecrow’s tactics which does not really satisfy. But once you see Scarecrow, you are completely satisfied for what it’s worth. Also Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) is not Harley Quinn as some may have thought but it actually makes me feel relieved because let’s face it, there’s only one Harley Quinn and that’s Harleen Quinzel.

I will definitely tune in to episode two to see where this season goes and to see if we get a better look at Bruce’s costume. Until then, you guys can watch the video below (which I mentioned earlier) where Sean and I give our thoughts on Gotham.

Check out our video review right here!



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