March 13, 2017

5 Vs Movies That Should Happen

(AOTN) Kong: Skull Island has recently made over $61,000,000 at the box office, signalling that audiences have not got tired of the largest cinematic ape. The film has garnered mixed opinions but plans for a King Kong v Godzilla movie, slated to be released sometime in 2020, is going full steam ahead as of time of writing.

A revealing post credits scene at the end of the recently released film has gotten fans all excited about what lies ahead although there are concerns about differences in physical attributes between the two monsters. Godzilla was also given the Hollywood remake treatment, a film that was released in 2014 and was predicted to make more money than it actually did. Still, all the obstacles are being seemingly plowed through to get the epic vs monster film up on the screen.

Hollywood started a minor phase of vs films back in 2003 when the long awaited Freddy vs Jason was released after many years of anticipation. Alien vs Predator followed a couple of years later as well as a sequel. It was surprising that more films were not made to capitalise on what is an admittedly corny but entertaining concept.

Will Hollywood executives ponder to resurrect the idea? And if so, what vs films would fans want exactly?

This article is going to lend five suggestions.

Let us know at the bottom of this feature what characters you would like to see pitted against one another!

Michael Myers v Jason Voorhees

Let us start with one of the most obvious and demanded ones. Two kings of the slasher genre fighting one another is a mouth watering image for horror fans. But there are a few snags. Myers has proven in past films that he does not have the physical strength that his would be nemesis has. And his butcher knife is probably no match for Jason’s huge machete. But what Myers lacks physically, he has more of upstairs. He is smarter, and as has what has been said before time and time again throughout cinematic horror history, “evil never dies.”

Robocop v The Terminator

The Robocop films never had the shelf life that the Terminator films had but time has proven not to be an issue, as fans still occasionally voice their enthusiasm in wanting to see the two shoot it out against one another. The terminator likely has the edge in physical toughness and can absorb much more damage. He is also probably more smarter. Which is why Robocop would most likely need some kind of back up. Realistically, Jason Voorhees should have crushed Freddy Krueger in their real world final battle in Freddy vs Jason but the crew tweaked the script to make the match up more even. If this movie was to ever be produced then that is what can be foreseen to occur.

KITT v Airwolf

If one browses Youtube for Knight Rider and, or Airwolf then you are bound to see a few KITT v Airwolf fan made videos. Anybody not born before 1989 will probably not be familiar with either technological character but that does not stop this showdown being quite thought provoking. The heavily armored helicopter vs the most technologically advanced car of the 1980’s would make for a great battle providing KITT’s driver Michael Knight isn’t behind the wheel!

Airwolf has enough speed and stealth capabilities to give KITT the drive for it’s money!

DC v Marvel

We know it will never happen! And the characters are too numerous to pick any kind of battle. The closest we have ever gotten to experiencing such frays was back in 1996 when short lived comics, plainly named DC vs Marvel, were designed to give fans something they have wanted for a long time at least in some form of media.

There are many great ones, but if you readers really want to push me to think of any particular Marvel v DC battle then how does Batman v Captain America sound? One of the darkest and most psychologically haunted of superheroes going up against one of the most famous soldiers in the Marvel universe. Both are human, although Captain America was somewhat genetically modified to give birth to his then newfound abilities. It would be the ultimate battle of wits, speed, agility, strength and ultimately will!

Chucky v Leatherface

Hold up! You’re thinking that it would be easy work for Leatherface, right? Well, not exactly. This battle would also be potentially the most amusing! As was proven in the original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface can be made to be frustrated and crack under pressure. And Chucky has plenty of potential to tease the chainsaw wielding lunatic with a liking for eating human flesh.

Incorporating the killer doll into Leatherface’s world would be interesting, requiring some skilled and creative writing. At present, there is a new Child’s Play movie in production but it would be good to give the voodoo loving killer something else to do for once. Leatherface could also do with starring in a movie that is not another redo that we have all seen before.

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5 Vs Movies That Should Happen

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