January 30, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane: What we want to know!

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Written by: Lee Skavydis
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In what was a shock announcement, the sequel to the 2008 hit monster film Cloverfield will finally be getting a sequel. The sequel, titled 10 Cloverfield Lane, has a reported March 11th 2016 release date. The synopsis follows a woman who wakes up in a basement, only to be told that a chemical explosion has rendered the outside world dilapidated. But is that the real reason? Possibly…..no, probably not, what with this being a continuation of a monster flick.

The follow up looks like it will be trailing a different set of characters this time as well as new actors. Judging from the trailer, it also looks as if the film will be swapping the “shaky cam” style for a professional shoot. That is more or less what we know right now. So, what else can we expect?, What questions remain? There is little time until March 11th rolls around, leaving it  difficult for the hype train to start.

So, why wait? Let’s initiate!


It was shown at the conclusion of the first film that something quite sizeable dropped into the ocean. Fans have speculated that this is what woke up the monster, causing it to come to the surface and wreak havoc. For the sake of the movie retaining some weight, it may be best if the filmmakers came up with some other explanation. The thought of something bopping on the monster’s head, waking it from a deep sleep is kind of wacky! However, what that actually was will still need to be answered definitively. Whether that will remains to be seen and heard.

Denying some insight for the existence of the monster was fine for the original flick. But the audience deserve something to go on this time around. Asking for a spillage of details is not something that should happen, either. A few tidbits will suffice, especially if a third installment is planned! Slow and steady is the right way if they plan more movies. And we have most likely learned by now that anything is possible in Hollywood, especially if 10 Cloverfield Lane makes a ton of money, regardless if it is critically acclaimed.

10c_1-sht_online_teaser_altEverybody who has seen Cloverfield remembers that enigmatic shot of Lizzy Caplan’s Marlena violently exploding! What just happened there? We still don’t know, and that is one of the moments that is heavily debated, even more so than the satellite theory! Will we get an answer? Will 10 Cloverfield Lane just rip off the classic Alien and say that humans are used to spread the infestation of those creepy crawlies that were seen attacking the military and pedestrians, alike? Unlikely. So…what happened? It was a seemingly random moment in what was otherwise a pretty straightforward beast picture. Ambiguity is great if the film does not create a franchise, but who knows how many sequels will come after this one!

In the first movie, we were shown the US army dealing with the monster, eventually dropping what was most likely a nuclear bomb. If that was the case then that would explain why our main character in the upcoming sequel is told to stay away from the outside world. To protect oneself from radiation poisoning. But in the pivotal scene when the bomb was dropped, a voice can be heard stating that the monster was still alive! So, what is being done to contain it? With it possibly being a creature originating from the ocean, will it have travelled to other parts of the world and created chaos? More importantly, what have the survivors been doing to live? Have they been able to grab supplies? What about access to water, and ways of communicating with other survivors?

We can’t wait to find out on March 11th!


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