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December 1, 2015

New Batman V. Superman T.V. Spot Teases Epic Showdown

With the release of Batman V. Superman impending early next year and a trailer only a few days away, Warner Bros. has released even MORE new footage form the film. Check out the T.V. spot below, which features all-new footage from Zach Snyder’s follow-up to Man of Steel.

While this certainly seems like a small part of the supposed final trailer for the film, I’m very much anticipating how Snyder will handle the combination of the world’s two most popular super heroes. What I think excites me the most about this film is that for better or worse, we will be seeing a different Bruce Wayne/Batman than we have ever seen before in Batman V. Superman. As a lifelong fan of Batman, I can’t wait to see what an older, more hardened version of the character looks like on the big screen.

Affleck seems on point  based on this new footage, but I can’t help but think that Snyder will end up dropping the ball with Batman V. Superman as he has with many of his films in the past. Time will tell, as Batman V. Superman is due to be released on March 25th, 2016. Tune in for the barrage of marketing as the film gets closer to it’s release.

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Taylor Salan
Taylor Salan
Taylor Salan is a independent filmmaker who currently resides in the San Fernando Valley. Since childhood, Taylor Salan had a fascination with movies. Although he was an avid fan of film as a child, it wasn’t until his years as a young adult that his passion for the art of filmmaking truly came to fruition. A current student of the film production program at California State University Northridge, Taylor studies Cinematography but ultimately has plans to direct full time if afforded the opportunity. In his spare time, Taylor produces audio podcasts and blogs about film for He is also a longtime musician, playing drums for over 8 years.



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