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October 3, 2015

Pop! Pop! Ep. 12- Watchmen T.V. Show?

On episode 12 of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! The LA Nerd and Taylor welcome their very own roommate Patrick Geraghty to the studio to dish out some Nerd News!  The guys share solace over the fact that Pacific Rim 2 has been pulled from its release date; talk trash on Zack Snyder, his infamous slow motion sex scenes and his terrible music choices; and dream about a world where the X-Men are apart of the Marvel universe.  They also drool over Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography in The Revenant; cry for Leo Dicaprio’s nonexistent Oscar; speculate which new cast member of The Force Awakens is a Jedi; and last but not least they weigh the pros and cons of a Watchmen TV series on HBO (there’s also more Zack Snyder trash talking there too).

All of this and of course MORE on this week’s episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! 
Many thanks to Mister Mitchell for his musical talents in creating our theme song. Check out his website for all things music & audio related at, and like his facebook page here!

[0:00 – 2:57] – Intro

[2:58 – 6:47] – Jessica Jones teasers.

[6:48 – 10:45] – Pacific Rim 2 release date has been cancelled.

[10:46 – 16:16] – Game of Thrones movie rumors.

[16:17 – 22:06] – Batman Five Superman gets a PG-13 rating & Zack Snyder’s infamous slow-mo sex scenes.

[22:07 – 29:11] – Kevin Feige reveals contingency plans if Marvel ever got the rights to X-Men and/or Fantastic 4 back / We argue more about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (like usual).

[29:12 – 36:53 ] – The Revenant trailer and past Oscar wins & snubs.

[36:54 – 47:49] – IT’S A TRAP! Admiral Ackbar returning for The Force Awakens, who we think the new Jedi in the film is, and Kathleen Kennedy reveals the focus of the new core trilogy.

[47:50 – 59:11] – Zack Snyder & HBO in talks to develop a Watchmen television series.

[59:12 – 1:01:25] – Shout Out’s / Outro

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Joel Reaves
Joel Reaves
Joel (Aka The LA Nerd) is an independent filmmaker and podcaster that loves comic books about zombies, really short walks to the bar, and redheads named MJ but he's definitely not Spider-Man so stop asking, okay? Jeez.


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