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August 11, 2015

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

Leading on from last week’s conclusion, episode 10, titled ‘And the Woman Clothed In The Sun’, Francis Dolarhyde revealed to Hannibal that he thinks he is becoming the ‘Red Dragon’. The ending of last week’s episode only partially revealed the telephone conversation after ending abruptly. But this time we got a further insight into what Dolarhyde thinks is happening to himself. In the movie adaptions, this conversation never happened. Instead, Dolarhyde sent Lecter a letter, a small modification in this show’s interpretation.

Dr. Du Maurier, played by Gillian Anderson, seemed quite happy making money by attending lectures telling her attending audiences that she was a victim in her time spent with Hannibal. Will turned up and the two conversed a little while afterward about both of their times spent in the company of Lecter. But Du Maurier swiftly disconnected herself from the encounter by telling him that he needed to make an appointment with her should he require more information!

Reba was surprised to learn that Dolarhyde had taken her to a zoo. But he had a “toothy” surprise in store for her! Guiding her to a sedated tiger, she is told that there was no danger and that she was free to get as close as she wanted. Dolarhyde stood and watched as his new companion tenderly stroked its fur, the symbolism being that she was not afraid to confront such a menacing beast. Dolarhyde was mighty impressed!

Later, the two ended up at Francis’ home where they ended up in bed together. After waking up the next morning, fear set in after thinking that the ‘Red Dragon’ had done something to Reba after discovering her missing from bed. But all was well when he discovered her sitting downstairs.

In what was a lengthy scene of dialogue between Will and Bedelia, viewers finally learned what led to the death of the patient that supposedly attacked her before the show ran. As it turned out, she wasn’t attacked at all! Neal had been seeing Dr. Lecter but told Bedelia that his therapy sessions with him were not exactly normal! Taking into consideration the information given to her, she concluded that Hannibal did not appear to do much of anything wrong! Getting worked up, the conflict became all too much for Neal, leading to an anxiety attack which resulted in him swallowing his own tongue. Struggling to breathe and now lying on his back on the floor in her office, Bedelia attempted to clear his airways by inserting her hand into his mouth and down his throat, a move that proved futile.

Over at a museum that housed a painting of the Red Dragon, Francis paid a visit, wanting to see the piece. Rendering an employee unconscious so he could be alone with it, Dolarhyde consumed the paper containing the painting! However, Will made his way there, too, after being told by Hannibal about Blake’s painting and the symbolism within it. Exiting the elevator and then turning around, Will saw a leg of somebody inside. All that working out paid off for Dolarhyde when he grabbed Graham and threw him like a rag doll away from the elevator doors, making his escape!


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