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April 13, 2015

SPOILER FILLED ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Trailer Should be Avoided

Why Paramount… why? Why they would center their newest trailer for Terminator: Genisys around a huge reveal, I will never understand.  The trailer itself is fantastic, but I’m worried they just ruined a huge plot twist.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch this trailer if you like to avoid a game-changing twist.  Move along.  If you don’t care, here’s the trailer.  But again I highly suggest NOT watching it.  It’s too late for me, so I figured why not post it.  I’ll talk about the trailer more at the bottom of the page.

Terminator: Genisys Trailer #2:

And the official synopsis:

When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), dangerous new enemies, and an unexpected new mission: To reset the future…

So if you’re reading this, I assume you’ve watched the trailer.  It’s popular belief that todays trailers show entirely too much important plot details when it’s unanimously unnecessary.  Sure the first Terminator: Genisys trailer wasn’t great, but the John Connor reveal in trailer 2 has potentially ruined the most fascinating aspect of the movie.  It had been hidden in spots like this preview clip.  I know their reasoning for doing it, fans have been extremely critical of the movie to this point, but I’m still stunned.  We now know John Connor isn’t entirely human, and is hunting his mother.  They could have just made it seem like someone else was after them and kept the reveal for the cinema.  The impact would have been awesome/shocking/and unexpected.  Instead, we more or less know what the story is.  Why keep anything secret anymore.  Why not show the final scene of the movie with a link to the complete script in the bio.

As you can tell I’m a bit disappointed.  Studios need to get their stuff together and realize how to properly cut trailers together.  The trailer industry needs an overhaul.  Let’s go back to the days where a charismatic director i.e. Alfred Hitchcock walks on screen, introduces the film in a unique manner and shows minor highlights.  For the sake of preserving the art of cinema, let’s figure this out.  Let us know what you think about the trailer and todays spoiler filled trailers in the comment section below.

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Terminator: Genisys stars Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke, J.K. Simmons, Byung-hun Lee, Matt Smith, Dayo Okeniyi, Courtney B. Vance, 

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