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March 9, 2015

Director Christopher McQuarrie Answers Mission: Impossible 5 Questions in Twitter Q&A

This weekend has certainly had it’s fair share of impromptu Q&A’s on social media. Yesterday, James Gunn took to Facebook for an impromptu Q&A; Today director Christopher Mcquarrie took to Twitter to answer fan questions regarding Mission: Impossible 5. Production is slowly coming to a close, despite a looming release date of of July 31st and rumors that the ending of the film was being “retooled” last minute.


Mcquarrie is for the most part very forthcoming about Mission: Impossible 5 is his Q&A, while still being extremely coy about plot specifics. What I really love about the director’s responses here is that he isin’t afraid to tackle the negative rumors about the plot. Now I understand that it’s his job as the director to assure everyone that things are ok with a production, but It just feels like McQuarrie is being rushed too fast through the shooting of the film. Even within his slyly worded answers, I just get the feeling that Mcquarrie himself is worried about this himself when looking at his responses.

Here are some of the biggest highlights from the Q&A, along with some of his best answers:

  • Simon Pegg‘s Benji “Gets his hands plenty dirty”.
  • Jeremy Renner‘s Agent Brandt will see more action.
  • Ving Rhames will see more significant amount of screen time.
  • Paula Patton (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)  and Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible 3) were unable to return due scheduling conflicts.
  • The Subtitle of the film and the first trailer are coming soon.
  • There will be many nods to the original “abound”.
  • The film will feel like an old episode of the T.V. series.
  • Those that are looking for an old school feel, McQuarrie assures “You won’t be disappointed”; Composer Joe Kraemer (Jack Reacher) is “playing with something retro, of course”
  • Sean Harris will indeed be playing the villain.
  • McQuarrie set a personal record for ammount of footage shot.


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