May 16, 2014

Yet Another Look at the Evolution of the Batsuit

After Zack Snyder tweeted the first look at the new Batsuit, featured in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, the internet has been going crazy.  Just the release of a black-and-white picture of the new suit was enough to get the internet in an uproar.  The Batsuit is a big-deal, and while all superhero costumes get attention and critics, nothing copmpares to when a new Batsuit is revealed.  Batman is a comic book hero that fans take extremely serious.  Of course their was the original 1966 Adam West film, in the vein of the campy but lovable series.  Tim Burton changed the game when he turned Batman into a much more serious character, and the suit was simple, yet completely reinvented the suit in both Batman and Batman Returns.  Things took a turn for the worst when director Joel Schumacher was brought in.  Everyone knows about the know infamous “Bat-nipples”, so we can move on and pretend that never happened.  Christopher Nolan brought the Batsuit back to a respectable level with his realistic take of the Batman legend.  And now, We have Zack Snyder taking a stab at creating the new look.

While the black and white picture is a nice tease, we’ll see how it looks in action.  For now, fans and non-fans will hate it or love it, but I for one think the blend of classic yet modern take on the suit is refreshing.  Time will tell, at least until Snyder tweets another picture of the suit, or possibly a suit from another character that may make an appearance in BvS.  Here’s another visual look at the evolution of the Batsuit on screen, covering 9 films, 5 directors, and 6 different Batmen.

Adam West-Batman, Burt ward– Robin- Batman (1966) Leslie H. Martinson 

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Michael KeatonBatman (1989) Tim Burton


Michael KeatonBatman Returns (1992) Tim Burton

Batman Returns - Batarang

Val KilmerBatman Forever (1995) Joel Schumacher


George ClooneyBatman and Robin (1997) Joel Schumacher


Christian BaleBatman Begins (2005) Christopher Nolan


Christian BaleThe Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan


Christian BaleThe Dark Knight Rises (2012) Christopher Nolan


Ben Affleck– Tentative tittle Batman vs. Superman (2016) Zack Snyder


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