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How To Make A Worthy Halloween Sequel

John Carpenter was announced as returning to the Halloween franchise last week, albeit as executive producer. Plot and cast details are unknown but with the movie already being postponed more than once, might that be a sign tha...
by Lee Skavydis


Wes Craven: The legacy of Scream

Horror film director Wes Craven died yesterday at the age of 76 after suffering with brain cancer. Behind him, a huge legacy in the field of horror remains. While he is affectionately mostly remembered for his work on A Nightma...
by Lee Skavydis


Will the second A Nightmare on Elm Street remake be more successful?

It was announced recently that A Nightmare On Elm Street will receive the reboot treatment once again. Details are scarce right now, but with the 2010 version only being moderately successful, what went wrong, and what improvem...
by Lee Skavydis