Written by Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone (Who is also the director), Tammy is much more than audiences may expect, as long as audiences don’t get held up on the technical aspects which critics will surely tear apart.  Sure McCarthy plays a a loud, over-the-top character, but out’s done selectively and scattered throughout the film.  On the surface (and the marketing tactic) makes it seem like she will be playing the same character she was in her last few films like The Heat and Identity Thief.  I found both performances funny, but it grew tired of them by the end of each.  With Tammy, McCarthy uses the craziness that’s made her such a household name, but in a much more realistic fashion.

145E1F7C679E572E716641D4683DCC_h498_w598_m2Melissa McCarthy stars as Tammy, a Topper Jack’s fast food worker.  After Tammy is fired from her position with a minor altercation, she returns home to find her husband courting another woman.  Tammy quickly grabbed her belongs and leaves to go three houses down to her mothers house.  After Tammy’s mom refuses to let her use her car for a trip to Niagara Falls, she’s left with no options.  That is until her grandmother Pearl (Susan Surandon) provides a car, and a healthy amount of cash, as long as Tammy brings her along.

First time director Ben Falcone clearly has his comedic sensibilities in place, but the overall presentation of the film is a bit rough.  Tammy is a bit all over the place in terms of tone and the way the story is presented.  It seemed like they had a basic story mapped out, then kinda just let McCarthy do her thing, which isn’t all too terrible of an idea.  At the end of the day however, Melissa McCarthy is enough to keep audiences engaged in what is otherwise a somewhat flat film.  Not to say that the other performances weren’t good, as their were some great cameos, they just weren’t all that memorable once the credits roll.

18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsDespite all the flaws, I enjoyed my experience with Tammy.  Fans of McCarthy will surely enjoy the film as she continues to take over Hollywood, and the world.  People looking for a fun and super accessible summer comedy should check out Tammy, just don’t expect to see high technical filmmaking on display.  Falcone will evolve as a director, and I’m sure this film was used as a huge learning experience.

Tammy is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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