My Father Die is a film written and directed by Sean Brosnan, about a boy who later on in adulthood, seeks revenge on his father for killing his brother and causing his own deafness during his childhood. After watching the trailer for the film and seeing its grindhouse style movie poster, I was interested.

Going back on the grindhouse elements that I seen in the marketing of the film, there are definitely some grindhouse elements in the film which makes all the predictability go straight out the window. And that’s a good thing! The storyline of the film is pretty straightforward. Asher (Joe Anderson) wants to make sure that he gets his revenge on his father who is just released from jail. This results in a couple of manhunts and chase scenes involving relentless characters, guns and the use of a badass car.

When it comes to the violence in the film, some of it is based in more of grounded reality and some of it is the kind of violence that you can only see in film. There’s quite a few scenes where a character will take enough damage that can kill a person twice, come to find out that the character somehow survived. It’s the result of the violence that makes the film unpredictable.

Joe Anderson (Across the Universe) plays Asher as an adult and he does a pretty good job at conveying emotion without the use of dialogue with the help of facial expressions, mannerisms and the use of sign language. Don’t expect a lengthy monologue from the villain before the final showdown because villain of the film, Ivan (Gary Stretch), also doesn’t have much dialogue in the film. Even though the two main characters don’t have much dialogue, there’s still a good amount of dialogue from the supporting cast to help make the story move.

One of the things that I liked about the film (among others) was that Asher narrates parts of the story in his voice as a child, which totally makes sense because that’s the last voice he remembers before his unfortunate incident. Attention to detail by Sean Brosnan really shows in the film.

My Father Die is now on VOD.



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