The story may not be original but it sure is fun to see big screen icons James Franco and Jason Statham team up on the silver the screen. Jason Statham stars as Phil Broker, a former DEA agent who has gone through a crisis after his action against a biker gang went horribly wrong and takes the life of his boss’ son. When Brokers’ wife unexpectedly passes away he decides to quit the turbulent and demanding life of thrill for his daughter Maddy’s sake and retires to a small rural area. The only problem is they picked the wrong town.

Phil Broker isn’t your typical father, but its clear he is doing the best he can. Maddy spends much of her father-daughter time learning self-defense or practicing survival techniques. When Maddy’s unorthodox upbringing leads to a fight with a school bully she incidentally sets in motion a series of events that end in the direct confrontation with local drug lord, Gator (Franco). Broker’s past quickly catches up to him, putting everyone close to him at risk, as Gator and a gang meth-head biker’s seek revenge.

If your a fan of Jason Statham and his usual and homogeneous brand of action, then Homefront is right up your alley. Written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by Gary Fleder, Homefront is your stereotypical action movie full of fun one-liners and cliche moments that make up an entertaining, yet forgettable action flick. At times the story feels as though it was written in the late 80’s, and is definitely a movie you can picture Stalone starring in. From my perspective Homefront is attempting to ride the coat-tails of AMC’s hit drama, Breaking Bad, focusing on meth dealers and the seedy underbelly of drug-trafficking. The problem is that not one moment of this film even comes close to the level of excitement that the critically-acclaimed TV show reaches on a weekly basis. 

The supporting cast and strong performances from Kate Bosworth and Winona Ryder help carry the film, and James Franco is definitely the highlight of the movie. Franco gives another entertaining and well rounded performance, as a mid-level meth dealer trying to work his way up. Franco does a great job bringing Gator to life and pretty much steals the show every time he is on the screen. Ryder also does a good job creating a despicable character that manages to pull sympathy from the audience. Still the characters are only as deep as the story and times the simplicity of the film restricts the performances.


There is no denying this film will disappoint those expecting to see something original but honestly who goes to see an action movie starring statham and expects something new? If you have seen the trailer then you know exactly what your getting, and if you like what you see then Homefront is definitely worth a watch. Still I would have to recommend waiting for the home release.

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