This Memorial Day, we think of those brave men and women whose lives were lost during their military service. Some people celebrate the holiday with a cold beer in hand as they relax from an extra day off of work, while some people pay respects to their loved ones at cemeteries and some stay in watching war related films. For those of you who watch war related films/documentaries, here’s one to add to your Memorial Day film list, My Father’s Vietnam.


Peter Sorensen

My Father’s Vietnam is a personal Vietnam story from director Soren Sorensen about his father (Peter Sorensen) and a couple of his father’s friends (Loring M. Bailey Jr. and Glenn Rickert), who served in the Vietnam war. Their stories, told by Peter (the only one which survived) and close family members, are accompanied by never-before-seen photographs and 8mm footage of the war.

What sets this film apart from the rest of the war documentaries is that you get to hear different points of views from the family members of the soldiers and it also gives those soldiers a backstory. Often in war documentaries, you hear historians narrating over footage of the war, and sometimes you do get to hear from the actual soldiers who served in those wars but not enough to where you learn more about that particular soldier’s life before and after the war. By hearing from Peter Sorensen, Loring M. Bailey Jr. and Glenn Rickert’s families, you hear how much the war affected the whole family and shows the ripple effect of war. The documentary even talks about Peter Sorensen’s PTSD, which a lot of veterans suffer from after time in war.

If you’re looking for a personal war documentary, this is it. It has emotional and personal stories about individual soldiers that sacrificed their lives, and I wish there were more war documentaries like this. It strips down everything and gives you so much insight about war and about the soldiers that put their lives on the line.

My Father’s Vietnam will be available on cable On Demand & iTunes
(among other platforms) on May 24.



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