We need you!

Here at Age of the Nerd, we’re looking to leave our dirty basements and meet new people! If you like what we’ve achieved so far and want to contribute in some sort of way, let us know! Below are some examples of what type of support from others we’re looking for.


Do you just want to get in on the ground level? Do you have a burning urge to tell everyone why Ghostbusters is the greatest movie of all time? Let us know and contact us. We’re always looking for new talent. Although we can’t offer any monetary return, we do pay in love.

Guest Writers

Do you write for another site? Looking for a little boost in exposure? Contact us and we’ll arrange a guest post on our site, or a guest post on yours (why not both?).


Looking for something more long-term? Would you like to work in unison with us to achieve world domination? Drop us a line!


Are you selling the latest must-have item? Looking to gain more awareness for a particular message? Which ever is your need, contact us for more details.

If there is something you’d love to offer that doesn’t match our examples, drop us a line explaining what it is.

Contact us NOW!

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