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Movie Trailers

‘Batman: Gotham by Gaslight’ Looks Bloody Interesting

Posted  November 22, 2017  by  Chris Salce

Inspired by the the one-shot Elseworlds tale by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola, Batman: Gotham By Gaslight puts Batman against the real world serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Take a look at the trailer below as well as additional information about the upcoming DC and Warner Bros. Animation film. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight takes place at the more »

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‘X-Files’ Season 11 Premiere Date Announced

Posted  November 22, 2017  by  Stephen Nepa

FOX Network has announced that season 11 of the cult Sci-Fi television show will return in January 2018!

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Posted  November 22, 2017  by  David Baruffi

So, yes, ‘Sing’ is a “put on a show kinda movie”. It’s main character is one of those theater producers who’s down on his luck, a koala named Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), he’s the worst theater producer in town, and he owes everyone in town, so nobody will fund his next project, which, instead of a new play or musical, is a singing contest.

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Television Shows

‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls’ – To Be or Not to Be A Pony?

Posted  November 21, 2017  by  Chris Salce

In 2013 Hasbro Studios did a pretty risky thing with one of their biggest franchises. They decided to take My Little Ponies and humanize them in a movie called My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. In that film one of the characters, Twilight Sparkles, discovers a mirror which allows her to travel into an alternate universe in more »

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Anthony Skordi Talks Star Wars: Battle Front 2

Posted  November 21, 2017  by  Sean McAloon

I got a chance to catch up with actor Anthony Skordi and talk to him about his role in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Check out our conversation right here.

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Movie Trailers

Watch: Incredibly Adorable ‘Incredibles 2’ Teaser

Posted  November 20, 2017  by  Chris Salce

The teaser trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is finally here! It’s been 13 years since we’ve seen the Incredible family hit the big screen. The film was such a hit with audiences all over the world grossing $261,441,092. It had the fans asking for more. The sequel has been talked about for a number more »

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black panther
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‘Black Panther’ Character Posters Released

Posted  November 20, 2017  by  Taylor Salan

Marvel Studios‘ ‘Black Panther‘ has released new character posters. The next installment in the Marvel cinematic universe is Ryan Coogler‘s superhero epic, and now it’s only three months away! We’ve already seen the film’s multiple trailers, which have given us a pretty good look at life in Wakanda, as well as the overall story of the more »

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‘Justice League’ is a Fun, Flawed Superhero Smash

Posted  November 17, 2017  by  Dan Marcus

‘Justice League’ doesn’t save the DC film universe, but it doesn’t let it die, either. It rises to the challenge and has a damn good time doing it.

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‘The Problem with Apu’ Has A Few Problems Itself

Posted  November 17, 2017  by  Chris Salce

Comedian Hari Kondabolu makes a documentary about his problem with Apu. Or is it? Here are my problems with “The Problem with Apu.”

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Henry Cavill Mission Impossible
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‘Mission: Impossible 6’: Henry Cavill Shows Us His “Fashionable Nipple Attachments”

Posted  November 17, 2017  by  Taylor Salan

Henry Cavill has shared his own image from the set that showcases the actor in a precarious position during the middle of a stunt, along with the self-described “fashionable nipple attachments”. 

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Council of Wells Debut in Episode 6 “When Harry Met Harry” of The Flash

Posted  November 16, 2017  by  Ravi Teja

Counsel of Wells made their debut in tonight’s episode “When Harry Met Harry” of The Flash. This team consists of the brightest Harrison Wells from across the multiverse, who had a brainstorming session to decode the identity of Devoe.

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Opening scene
5 Things

5 of the Most Thrilling Opening Sequences Ever!

Posted  November 16, 2017  by  Lee Skavydis

There can be little doubt that the opening sequence is possibly one of the most crucial moments in a picture. It often sets the tone for what is to come, and rarely fools the audience into thinking that they are watching a feature in particular that then suddenly changes course.

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SMT Thursday Trailers: ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Sharknado 5’

Posted  November 16, 2017  by  Jason Stewart

Check out the full trailer for IFC Midnight’s newest psychological thriller “Kaleidoscope,” starring Toby Jones, after the jump!

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castle rock

NYCC Offers First Details For the New Stephen King Show ‘Castle Rock’

Posted  November 16, 2017  by  Peter Towe

We had the pleasure of interviewing creates and actors of the new Stephen King series ‘Castle Rock’, which airs next year on Hulu.

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deadpool 2
Movie Trailers

New ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Channels Bob Ross

Posted  November 15, 2017  by  Taylor Salan

20th Century Fox has released the first footage from ‘Deadpool 2’. In this first “Wet on Wet” trailer, we see Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) parodying Bob Ross!

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