October 24, 2017

NYCC2017: The Walking Dead Cast Explain Their Characters Mindsets Entering Season Eight

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Written by: Peter Towe
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Fear. It’s something we all experience in our daily lives. When speaking of art reflecting life, and specifically in The Walking Dead universe, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd replied, “I think the show obviously deals with peoples fears”. Unlike the fear us viewers struggle with both watching the show and within our own lives, the characters don’t have time for fear. They seek revenge.

After a physically and mentally rough season seven for our main protagonists, you would expect a bit of fear or hesitation, but as Norman Reedus (Daryl) put it, there’s only one thing on his mind “revenge”. Melissa McBride who portrays Carol reiterated with “revenge” and “fight”.

“You have sympathy for these characters because you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do”. Despite characters forced to things against their morals, these protagonists do things incomprehensible and often regret their actions.

When asked about their character regrets Reedus replied, “well I guess blowing up the bikers started this whole thing”. Melissa McBride added, “I think attacking the saviors at the satellite”. Yeah it’s tough to justify these actions, and in hindsight they don’t look great. Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays the infamous Neegan playfully added “…and I’m the bad guy?” Austin Amelio who plays Dwight responded, “I would like to have done less of popping out behind trees”. Everyone has regrets.

“There’s one regret this season that’s pretty gnarly” teased Reedus on how their characters will play out this season.

Continuing to look ahead on what to expect for season eight the cast teased exciting new things. Morgan promised, “You’ll find out more about Neegan this season”. On the other side of the war, Reedus teased big things saying that while following Rick’s plans which are sometimes good and sometimes bad, “there’s potential for going rogue”.

Season eight promises the continuation of the struggle with ones moralities we approach all out war. McBride said of Carol. “You’ll see her fight, but she has to, but doesn’t mean she want’s to”. Jeffrey Dean Morgan added, “You don’t have to fight”. Fear is not an option as war is upon the The Walking Dead. Fighting has become the only option.

“This is a huge season. It’s very ambitious. It’s great writing and great acting”, said Reedus. Fans were already anticipating an emotional and action packed season, and if what these actors have promised comes to fruition, season eight will be one for the ages.


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