September 6, 2017

Stephen King Says He Is A Fan Of The New ‘IT’ Film

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Written by: Stephen Nepa
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(AOTN) Were only days away from the theatrical release of “IT”. The highly anticipated movie has been widely praised, by the lucky few that have been fortune enough to check the film out. The king of horror, Mr. Stephen King has been praising the film also, and in the feature below he explains a little bit about the plot of It, and what he thought of the movie after seeing it.

“Mama” director Andy Muschietti will bring us back to Derry. Bill Skarsgard will play the demonic killer clown Pennywise.

Yahoo! Movies has put together an amazing featurette that gives us a bit more of an in-depth look at The Losers Club, Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s overall reign of terror, and more. This is sure to tide us over until we can get to the theater to check out the premiere of “IT” opening on September 8th! Check it out:

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