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September 18, 2017

‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Pushed to December 20, 2019

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Written by: Taylor Salan
star wars: episode ix

The road to ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ just got a little bit longer. Last week, a series of changes happened that culminated with the firing of Colin Trevorrow, and subsequent Hiring of J.J. Abrams as director. Before this news landed, the film was set to go into production January 2018 with a planned release date of May 24, 2019. As soon as the directing announcement was made, Lucasfilm also confirmed that Abrams and writer Chris Terrio (Justice League) would re-write the story from scratch, meaning that the production would most likely not meet it’s release date.

Now that the tremors of the ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ shake-up have begun to settle, the official twitter of Star Wars has announced that the release date has been pushed to December 20, 2019. Here’s the official announcement:

It was rumored that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy was unhappy with the multiple attempts that Tevorrow had at writing the script, which was certainly a contributing factor in his firing. But now that Abrams and Terri are re-writing the script, the release date change essentially gives the duo the time to develop the story and script before shooting begins. Hopefully this shift allows the two the time to craft a story that proves to be a satisfying ending to the new ‘Star Wars‘ trilogy.

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