September 10, 2017

Box Office Roundup: It’s Official: ‘It’s a Hit

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Written by: Peter Towe
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(AOTN) As expected, Stephen King’s It has opened to massive numbers, bringing in an estimated $117 million at the box office. Thats exactly $117 million more than the the original 1990 version, as that was a television miniseries. Worldwide, It grossed an additional estimated $62 million, for an estimated weekend total of $179 million.  Wow.

It started off strong, and has been been breaking records all weekend.  According to Box Office Mojo, by Saturday, It had already broken quite a few records-

  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for a Horror Movie
  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for an R-Rated Movie
  • Largest Thursday Pre-Show for a September Movie
  • Largest Friday for a September Movie
  • Largest # of Locations for a R-Rated Movie

It ultimately set a plethora of R-Rated film records, it came up a little over $15 million short of 2016’s Deadpool which opened with $132 million. Nobody expected the film to top Deadpool, but it’s impressive to see how It has performed especially with the box office in the poor state it’s been in the last month and summer in general.

This is also great news for fans of Stephen King adaptations, as last months The Dark Tower crashed and burned with both critics and audiences alike.  It was able to ride the strong wave of nostalgia (although I think most people who have nostalgia for the original miniseries have potentially never seen it). Regardless, with this wave of nostalgia and excellent marketing, It was and I’m sure will continue to be an overwhelming success. Lets not forget the most important lesson from this box office juggernaut. When you combine the nostalgia and clever marketing with a QUALITY film, people will go see it.

Heres the full top-ten weekend box office estimates according to Collider:

Title Weekend Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘It’ $117,150,000 $117,150,000
2. ‘Home Again’ $9,028,222 $9,028,222
3. ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ $4,850,000 $64,897,007
4. ‘Annabelle: Creation’ $4,000,000 $96,267,010
5. ‘Wind River’ $3,210,200 $25,002,192

What did you think of It?  Have you seen it?  Do you plan on seeing it? Our own Sean McAloon liked it very much, and you can read his review HERE. Let us know what you think of It in the comments below, and check back next week to check in on It’s box office progress.

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