August 2, 2017

The Cast Of CW’s ‘Riverdale’ Promise An Even Darker Season Two!

(AOTN) The excitement level was at all time high in the press room for the hit CW series “Riverdale” as the cast and crew were eager to discuss what we are in store for in season two, which they promise will be even darker, as well as, the overall development for each of their characters as we delve further and further into their amazing story.

When speaking with actors K.J. Apa (Archie Andrews) and Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) about the upcoming season, Apa revealed “With Fred being shot and it being unclear whether he is alive or dead, either way it is going effect Archie forever, so you are going to see a flip-side to his character. We see a side of Archie that really didn’t come out in season one, but I was really excited when I read that first script because I was really happy that we were going to be working with that kind of material. It was really challenging and still is challenging.”

Discussing the growth in fandom for the series, Sprouse comments, “The work we do is meant to resonate with people. That is point of the art we are doing on the set. When you see that it is resonating in such as profound way and people are so excited about the concept that they really resonate with it, it makes you feel like ‘I did the job’ and that’s what you need to do! It feels great and it feels wonderful.”

Actress Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) reveals that going into season two Cheryl has sought help for what happened at the end of season one and “is consciously taking control of her own life and to be happier in her own right, which doesn’t necessarily mean she is going to happier with other people involved, but she will just be happy with her own life. She’s taking control and she’s getting meaner and colder to the people around her because it’s the only way she can feel protected. To the outside world she will be a lot meaner, but in her head she is just doing what she has to do to cope.

Speaking about what is in-store for her character this season, Ashleigh Murray (Josie) reveals, “She is going to be involved with the core four a lot more and she will definitely be involved with Cheryl more, as she is joining River Vixens which is great. You will really get a chance to see the dynamic of Josie and Cheryl’s friendship. She will also be pursuing her music career a little bit more which might cause a few issues within the group.”

Executive Producer Sarah Schechter and Hayley Law (Val Brown) and Asha Bromfield (Melody Valentine) spoke with us more about what we can expect in season two with Law being especially excited for us to check out what she refers to as an “incredibly dope song” in episode two of the upcoming season and she is definitely excited for even more music as we delve into season two.

Schechter comments on the whole “Bughead” fandom saying “we were pleasantly surprised by the reaction and the intensity of the fandom.”

“Riverdale” will return to The CW for season two with new episodes this fall!

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