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January 20, 2017

Power Rangers Full-Length Trailer Breakdown

Lionsgate finally released a full-length trailer for the upcoming Saban’s Power Rangers film and it reveals quite a bit about the story and what we will see in the film. In this article we will breakdown the trailer but first, check out the trailer below!

Now he comes the breakdown…

The Heroes are Strangers and “Screw ups”

At the beginning of the trailer, we find out that our heroes of the film are strangers. Jason (I think that’s who is talking) says “none of us really know each other”. And that is followed by Kimberly (Naomi Scott) stating that they are all screw ups. So these kids are possibly troublemakers from the same school that formed in some type of Breakfast Club like way before Billy discovered the power coins.


The Power Coins Are Found Rather Than Given

In the original 90’s series, five teenagers from Angel Grove are chosen to become Power Rangers by Zordon. In this new version of the Power Rangers it is mentioned in the trailer that Billy discovered the power coins in a spaceship that was buried underground. It is still possible that Zordon somehow leads this team of teenagers to find the coins and they can say that he chose them in that sense.


The Film May Be Comedy Heavy

About thirty seconds into the trailer Zack is talking about what color he is glowing, which is black and Billy replies back with a “no you’re not”. This is a clever poke at the elephant in the room that the new Power Rangers are not stereotypically tied to certain colors based on their race like the rangers in the original 90’s series. More comedy is sprinkled throughout the trailer and most if it seems to be coming from Billy (RJ Cyler), so he could very well be the comedy relief of the group.


The Time Warp is No Longer a Tube

In this version of Power Rangers, Zordon has gotten quite the facelift. The mentor of the rangers is no longer stuck in a tube like time warp but rather a pin art looking wall. The writers also point out Zordon’s obvious new look when one of the members of the Power Rangers questions why they are talking to a wall.


Goldar’s Name is Taken Quite Literal

Goldar who is known as Rita Repulsa’s enforcer is now dripping in gold. When Goldar gets his closeup in the trailer you can see the gold dripping as if he was dipped in gold and it’s now melting off of his body. What is not known is if this is his one and only form or if this is just his battle ready form against the Megazord.


Our First Look at the Zords on Screen

After all the teaser posters of the zords, they are finally revealed in the trailer. Some get more screen time than others like the Pterodactyl and T-rex. From what we do get to see they zords look like colorful dinobots from transformers. Based off of what little we see, I have to say that they visually look better than the transformers did on screen. We also get a peek at the Megazord, which looks like very different interpretation of what the 90’s Megazord looked like.

Saban’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24.


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Chris Salce
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