November 7, 2016

10 Most Shocking And Sad Movie Deaths

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Written by: Lee Skavydis
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Hollywood is known for it’s happy endings. In fact, it has become a little too predictable, one would say. It is a refreshing experience when filmmakers attempt to take a turn away from the usual route during the course of a movie and give audiences something unexpected to remember it by. One of these different turns can be the sad or shocking demise of a much loved or respected character.

Occasionally, this happens in pictures that have all kinds of budgets and is not confined to a particular type or genre. Major character deaths imply creativity, courage and the will to surprise which often sets these flicks apart from the rest.

Major and main character deaths is what we are going to be taking a look at today in this editorial.
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Jack Dawson – Titanic


Titanic is not the only film that Leonardo Dicaprio’s character died in. In fact, he passed away in quite a number of his pictures!

Director James Cameron played it smart when he thought of a type of “Romeo and Juliet” type storyline (his own pitch to the studio!) to make audiences care for his dramatisation of the real life tragedy that occurred in 1912. In retrospect, it was pretty predictable that one of the two main leads wasn’t going to make it to the end of the film but it sure was a surprise back in 1997.

Romeo Montague – Romeo and Juliet


We all knew it had to happen since the 1996 Hollywood action version of the Shakespeare play was still an adaption at it’s core. But that didn’t make the final scenes any less heart wrenching when Juliet accidentally killed her boyfriend. (C’mon, we are not going to argue about that, are we?) If only she had come up with a better plan and alerted him of her awareness just a second sooner!

Chen Zhen – The Chinese Connection/Fist of Fury


Bruce Lee wasn’t known for taking superficial roles. Even though his movies contained violent sequences during the battle scenes, he always attempted to justify them with some philosophical meaning or another. In only his second adult role after an extensive movie career as a child, Lee plays Chen, a student of a martial arts school determined to find out the truth about the death of his martial arts mentor.

The conclusion made the statement that two wrongs never make a right and that any type of action always has a consequence. This results in Chen being shot by the authorities for the deaths he caused when he seeked vengeance. The Chinese Connection had a type of quality in it’s narrative that elevated itself above the stereotypical notion that Mandarin films were indispensable.

Han Solo – Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It was no secret that Harrison Ford was going to reprise his role as Han Solo, the famous galactic fighter who helped overthrow the Galactic Empire. But what was a well kept secret was the fate of Ford’s much loved character that rocked the fan base to it’s foundation!

Ford has a contract to reprise his role in a future sequel, so whether a surreal return is on the cards is anybody’s guess as of writing.

Laurie Strode – Halloween: Resurrection


The seventh sequel was largely forgettable, but if there was one standout moment it would be the ultimate demise of Laurie Strode, the long suffering heroine and sister of the franchise’s villain, Michael Myers.

Halloween: Resurrection is mostly remembered for it’s heart pounding first 10 minutes, but the setup of the remaining 80 minutes has no entertainment value. If only Curtis decided to feature more than just in a cameo! Who knows how different the film would have turned out.

Hooch – Turner and Hooch


Tom Hanks mainly focused on comedy roles in the 1980’s which extended near enough into the 1990’s with 1989’s Turner and Hooch. The dog played an almost central role and was more the star than Hanks was, which provokes a pretty emotional reaction to it’s death in the climax.

Even the final shot of a “baby Hooch” wasn’t effective enough to lift our mood when the closing credits started to roll.

Jenny Curran – Forrest Gump


In all honesty, it wasn’t the death of Jenny that was the sad thing. It was the fact that the life of Forrest received so many down’s, yet, he was always able to keep his chin up and push through any obstacle in his path. An admirable trait, for sure. It is true that it may have been partly down to short sightedness on his part, but that doesn’t make it any less sorrowful.

Kong – King Kong


Yes, the big ape was all CGI. Yes, it was the second remake of the 1933 classic. Still, Hollywood found a way to work it’s magic!

Kong is being bought back again for the upcoming Skull Island, which is looking likely will collide with the modern Godzilla universe, so it does not look likely that another skyscraper death will be happening any time soon.

Terminator- Terminator 2: Judgement Day


It was a toss up to either include Kyle Reese’s death from The Terminator or include this one. Considering the cultural impact of the hugely successful sequel, it appears to be a no brainer to go with the finale of the large budget sequel.

The cunning of James Cameron found a way to reach past the soulless exterior of the metal cyborg and made him relate to our world, which all led to us to yearn for his stay. However, the storyline was never going to allow for that and it is an almost certainty that many tears were shed when Arnie’s thumb signalled farewell.

Mickey Goldmill – Rocky III


Rocky’s loudmouth trainer, Mick was an integral part of the first two movies, so it was a shock to the system when the trainer met his fate near enough at the hands of Clubber Lang in the third movie. Rocky had to confront his demons and find a way to quell his dependence on his former trainer in order to get revenge.

Burgess Meredith made a short reprisal in the 5th movie in a flashback with Rocky, one of the few sequences in the film that was able to tug at the heart strings.

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10 Most Shocking And Sad Movie Deaths

Hollywood is known for it's happy endings. In fact, it has become a little too predictable, one would say. It is a refreshing experience when filmmakers attempt to take a turn away from the usual route during the course of a mo...
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