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October 4, 2016

‘We Bare Bears: Viral Video’ DVD Review

Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears has been a huge hit with fans of all ages. The animated series is two seasons in but now newcomers to the series (like myself) no longer have to miss out, thanks to the new release of We Bare Bears: Viral Video.


We Bare Bears: Viral Video is a new DVD that consists of twelve episodes from the first season. The twelve episodes are:

  1. Viral Video
  2. Our Stuff
  3. Food Truck
  4. Chloe
  5. Jean Jacket
  6. Panda’s Date
  7. Burrito
  8. Shush Ninjas
  9. My Clique
  10. Charlie
  11. The Road
  12. Occupy Bears

After watching the first episode, I was instantly hooked. We Bare Bears has so many elements of a hit animated series such as: great characters, a good cast and fluffy round hilarious bears. Providing the voices of the bears are veteran actor Eric Edelstein as Grizzly, comedian Demetri Martin as Ice Bear, and SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan as Panda. Throughout the series, the bear siblings find hilarious ways to try to become famous, get rich and fit in with the citizens around their cave, all while getting around using a bearstack. In case you’re wondering what a bearstack is, it happens to be on cover of this DVD.

Like a lot of other hit Cartoon Network series, these episodes have runtimes of eleven minutes per episode. This makes it easier to sit down and watch which ultimately leads to binge watching if you have a collection of episodes on DVD such as this. So this DVD has a runtime of a little over two hours, which isn’t bad at all. In most cases, you can finish the DVD in just one sitting.

The only part where the We Bare Bears: Viral Video DVD falls short is the bonus features, and that’s because they are non-existant.

After watching this DVD, I’m definitely going to keep up with this series. We Bare Bears is hilarious, I was laughing out loud in each episode and it’s a good watch for all ages. I do wish that there were some sort of special features added to this DVD but for $14.97, it’s not a bad buy.

We Bare Bears: Viral Video is available now.

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