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October 20, 2016

Hugh Jackman’s Last Stand in the first ‘Logan’ Trailer

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Written by: Peter Towe
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Hugh Jackman is set to don the claws one last time in the third and final Wolverine film, simply and perfectly titled Logan.  20th Century Fox has unleashed the first trailer for the film due out early next year, and things are looking bleak.  Boyd Holbrook plays the villainous leader of The Reavers who are seeking to destroy the last of the remaining mutants.  The plot is still not entirely clear but the R-rated Logan seems to be taking many of its beats from the classic Mark Millar‘s Old Man Logan comic.  While I am personally ready to see a different iteration of Wolverine on-screen, this trailer looks amazing and most fans should be excited to see what Jackman does in his final performance.

Hugh Jackman was first cast as Wolverine in 1999.  That’s right, 1999.  According to my calculations, that’s seventeen years and eight movies ago.  With Logan rated R, that means a kid who was born before or shortly after Jackman was cast as Wolverine could legally get into this R-rated flick.  That is insane.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that it should be interesting to see what Jackman will do with the character after all these years and all these terrible X-Men outings, yes I’m looking at you X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and even you 2013’s overrated The Wolverine.  From the looks of this fantastically depressing trailer, we may finally get the Wolverine flick we all need.  #MakeWolverineGreatAgain.

Here’s the first look at Logan:

loganThe film also stars Patrick Stewart (Professor Charles Xavier), Stephen MerchantRichard E. GrantElizabeth Rodriguez, and Dafne KeenLogan opens March 3, 2017.

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