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September 5, 2016

New Details on ‘Batman – The Telltale Series Episode Two: Children of Arkham’

Telltale Games announced the release name and release date for episode 2 of Batman – The Telltale Series.

The second of five episode will be called Children of Arkham and will be available digitally worldwide starting September 20 on PC, Steam, and other digital distribution services, and on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4, and on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One.

Speculation time!

Now with the title being, Children of Arkham, one has to guess that we may see more villains in episode 2. In the comic world, Arkham is the host of the most insane and violent criminals of Gotham. Arkham inmates have included popular villains such as : The Joker, Black Mask, Killer Croc, The Scarecrow, The Riddler and even the infamous Harley Quinn. These names are just a few of the many villains that have landed in the asylum. Being that episode one is very mob fueled and we have seen Carmine Falcone, I would have to guess that maybe we will get see Alberto Falcone, who is the son of Carmine or maybe we will see Black Mask II (Jeremiah Arkham), who in the Battle for the Cowl storyline drugged Arkham Asylum inmates with a substances that can kill. Though Batman – The Telltale Series is a new Batman tale, they could always borrow a bit from the comics. At this point, anything is possible and anyone can show up in the next chapter. We also have to remember that Falcone knows a big secret involving the Wayne’s and the mob. I’m almost sure that the secret has something to do with Arkham asylum.

Children of Arkham made its debut at a Crowd Play event at PAX West, Saturday Sept. 3.  It was the very first event using the new in-game Crowd Play feature, where the audience helps direct what happens in the game by voting from their mobile devices. This is also a feature that is available when you play that game and allows your friends to vote in order to help you make decisions in the game.


Batman – The Telltale Series will also be available to purchase at retailers starting September 13 in North America as a special Season Pass Disc, which will include the first of five episodes in the season, and will grant access to the subsequent four episodes as they become available for download via online updates. The series will then be available to purchase at retailers across Europe on September 16th.

Be sure to check out our review of Batman – The Telltale Series: Episode One: Realm of Shadows.

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