July 5, 2016

Pop! Pop! Ep. 25 – Remembering Anton Yelchin

This week on episode 25 of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! The LA Nerd and Taylor talk about WB bringing TWENTY ONE shows to Comic-Con, yeah, we didn’t know they had that many shows either… Also! The “Ultimate Edition” of Batman five Superman is supposed to “fix” the things that were wrong with the movie but we don’t buy it, it’s probably still going to suck.  Nicholas Winding Refn wants to make a Batgirl movie, Daniel Radcliffe mightpossiblymaybe want to return as Harry Pothead, John Boyega is teaming back up with director Joe Cornish, and Sony wants to make Silver Sable movie (we heard you saying “who?” so we explain who she is!)

After Nerd News the guys solemnly discuss the death of one of the greatest young actors of our generation: Anton Yelchin.  From Charlie Bartlett to Star Trek, Alpha Dog to Like Crazy, Anton is one of those actors who’s performance elevates any film that he’s in.  Shitty film to begin with or destined to be great from the start, Anton’s roles were always a joy to watch and we’ll miss him dearly <3


[0:00 – 4:51]  Intro, grandiose plans for Comic-Con & sweet smooth jams.

[4:51 –  9:08]  WB is bringing 21 TV shows to Comic-Con.

[9:09 – 13:00]  Batman five Superman’s “Ultimate Edition” apparently “fixes” some of the movie’s problems.   

[13:00 – 17:14]  Nicholas Winding Refn wants to make a Batgirl movie.   

[17:14 – 18:54]  Daniel Radcliffe says he might be open to another Harry Potter movie. 

[18:55 – 21:27]  Mark Hamill breaks the internet by saying he’s out of a job after Star Wars Episode VIII.    

[21:27 – 24:30]  John Boyega tweeted that he and Joe Cornish are brainstorming for a new project.   

[24:31 – 29:17]  Fox says the X-Men could possibly crossover with Marvel. 

[29:18 — 33:52]  Sony wants to expand the Spider-Man universe with a Silver Sable movie.

[33:53 — 55:20]  Remembering Anton Yelchin. RIP.

[55:21 — 57:12]  Outro / Shout-outs!

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Joel Reaves
Joel Reaves
Joel (Aka The LA Nerd) is an independent filmmaker and podcaster that loves comic books about zombies, really short walks to the bar, and redheads named MJ but he's definitely not Spider-Man so stop asking, okay? Jeez.



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