July 24, 2016

5 Things That Wowed Us About the ‘Justice League’ Trailer

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Written by: Chris Salce
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San Diego Comic-con 2016 has came and went. Though Marvel Studios had some great announcements, Warner Bros. proved to steal the show by releasing two huge trailers for their next two films in the DC slate. One of those trailers is Wonder Woman, which is amazingly beautiful in every way possible (and we talk about that a bit in a prior post), but right now, we are turning our sites to the epic trailer for Justice League!

Before going into our list, here is the trailer for Justice League:

Though one can easily say that each character was a thing that “wowed” us, we are going to talk about certain moments in the trailer that got us swooning over DC. Here are 5 things that wowed us about the Justice League trailer:



Arthur Curry aka Aquaman Parting the Sea

So this is really the first time we get to see Arthur Curry’s personality in the DCU. And wow, was it a big one! The first scene on our list is where Arthur looks to be drinking some hard liquor straight out of the bottle while wearing a tank top in what looks to be some freezing cold weather, just before parting the sea. Aside from this scene probably being every woman’s dream come true, it’s such a powerful image and scene because you already get a sense of what type of person Arthur is. A very macho, no f’s given type of person. Very similar to Drago from Game of Thrones except he has a lot more lines in this trailer than he did on the whole show. We’ll talk more on Aquaman later in the list.



Barry Allen Meets Bruce Wayne

The next moment on our list is when Barry Allen walks into his “lab?” to find Bruce Wayne (a total stranger) sitting in the dark in his “second favorite chair”. The reason for this being on the list is because we finally get to see Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller, with a speaking role in the DCU. Now we all know the Flash’s abilities from reading the comics and watching the CW series but this time we see his abilities used to do something that hasn’t been seen before in a live-action take and that is to catch a Batarang. In this moment in the trailer we also find out that Barry Allen’s personality is already different from the CW’s Flash but somewhat familiar to DC’s animated version of the Flash. He came off as a bit sarcastic, which is what fans are used to seeing more of in the DC animated universe, but he also came across as some could call socially awkward and as a loner, (“I need friends”) which is something we haven’t seen yet in the live-action version. As CW Flash fans would know, Barry Allen is all about his group of friends.



Arthur Curry Shows his Dominance to Bruce Wayne

Going back to the King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry. In-between the clip of Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne meeting, we see more of the encounter between Arthur and Bruce. This time around, we witness the physical strength of Aquaman when he lifts Bruce up by his fancy winter coat and holds him high against the wall. What this shows is that it’s rich playboy billionaire getting tossed around by a fearless barbarian. Two entirely different personas meeting.



The Flash Suit

Out of all of the Justice League news prior to the trailer, one thing a lot of fans were on the fence about the most seemed to be with Ezra Miller as Flash and how the Flash would look. Well, we can put some of that to rest now that we have seen a bit of both. I was impressed by what I saw of Ezra Miller’s performance in the trailer and I was really impressed with the Flash’s suit. I love the CW’s Flash suit very much but what I love about this DCU Flash suit is that it’s very similar to the Injustice Flash. The suit looks more like armor and it makes sense in the DCU.



Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash and Batman Share Screen Time for the First Time in the DCU

What a moment this one was. Though it only lasts a second and we only see them from behind, the tease was awesome. The silhouette was more than enough to get fans excited. You easily see Wonder Woman’s shield and sword next to Cyborg’s reddish interiors seeping through his mechanical body, and Batman’s easily recognized cowl is there as well. I do wish more of the Flash’s bolts on his cowl were shown in this scene but this scene was still very cool to see nonetheless.

Some noticeable things about the trailer is that Superman was not seen and it is for obvious reason. That reason would be from what happened in Batman v. Superman. The other thing that really stuck out in this trailer was that it was heavily humor driven. Speaking for myself, I was not “wowed” by the humor and that’s because I knew DC could easily add that aspect into the DCU. We seen a bit of it in BvS and some more with the trailers and tv spots from Suicide Squad but with this trailer, I think the humor showed people that criticized DC for being too dark, that they have things under control. The trailer showed just enough of everything and not too much was given away about the plot, which is a good thing. It was such a great way to get fans excited about the future of the DCU.

Justice League hits theaters Nov. 17 2017.


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