April 26, 2016

Ranking The Predator Movies From Worst To Best

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Written by: Lee Skavydis
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It has been six years since the release of Predators. After the abysmal Alien vs Predator movies, it seemed righteous that we were given a decent solo Predator movie. Unfortunately, even though Predators was far superior in terms of entertainment and technically than the aforementioned, that movie kind of came and went.

Well, now it has come to light that original Predator writer, Shane Black wants to resurrect the franchise. With blessings from Twentieth Century Fox, it has allegedly been agreed that the next one will be enormous in scope. Black stated that it will have “event status.” It’s meaning is most likely that marketing for the feature is going to be globally broad. Whether the film itself will turn out any good is the million dollar question! Whatever comes our way, fans can finally rejoice that they will get to see their beloved dreadlocked alien hunter on the big screen in the not too distant future.

Although admittedly probably not much of a challenge, this article is going to rank the Predator movies including both of the notorious Alien vs Predator flicks, from worst to best.

Alien vs Predator (2004)

The year 1990 gave birth to the Alien vs Predator concept, but it was to be another 14 years until we got to see a live action version of the mythology that was to be a sort of spin off from both the Alien and Predator franchise. And what did we get? According to most, something that could have been a whole lot better had they got the right team involved.

What could have been a fun creature splatter movie, we ended up getting something that felt half baked. Things only got worse as the movie progressed when the predator became tolerant of humans, so much so that one of them felt at ease in teaming up with our secondary anthropoid hero in order to defeat those evil Xenomorphs. However, taking a neutral stance on the whole thing would only have marginally made the bore that was Alien vs Predator better.

Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007)

They didn’t learn much from the mistakes they made when developing the first film. You would have thought that the bad feedback would have meant something. Alien vs Predator: Requiem was hardly any more interesting than it’s original counterpart. Even if they did correct the issue of both the aliens and the predators seeing people as nothing but meat. The gore was significantly ramped up in this one after the original was given a PG-13 rating. Unfortunately, the sequel took itself way too seriously to the point that the violent sequences elevated themselves from the superficially trashy to somewhat anxiety inducing.

Predators (2010)

Predators did many things right. Wonders never cease, huh? Back came the eerie atmosphere of the original together with an expanded narrative. Adrien Brody’s Royce seemed like a cardboard rip off of Dutch, played famously by Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that didn’t seem to bother audiences. It took a while for things to get rolling, which hurts Predators a little even with it’s added subplot that serves to give it some deep characterization. The dialogue does not particularly emphasise itself given that’s half of what the Predator movies are often known and discussed for, in particular the original. The theatrical trailer promised that it would be just like the first film, only multiplied. Well, it didn’t quite live up to it’s promise. But it is worthy of being officially a third chapter.

Predator (1987)

What?! This editorial isn’t ranking the original Predator as the absolute sci-fi horror masterpiece that it so often is by other sources? Well, no. Apologies to the many that are inifinitely seduced by Schwarzenegger’s one liners that are often uttered in course of averagely made jokes. Predator contains a wonderfully creepy atmosphere in a quiet setting that doesn’t quite match the reveal of the creature.

Predator’s first hour has a magnificent setup, but when the alien is shown in all it’s glory the tone of the film switches from what was a a creepy mysterious horror picture to something that resembles a cross between Rambo and Friday 13th. Of course Predator isn’t a bad movie, hence why it is second on this list. It’s jammed with memorable quotes, cliche and fun 1980’s gore and it’s tense action filled climax is amongst the best in sci fi movie history.

It’s just simply not as fun as it’s follow up.

Predator 2 (1990)

Danny Glover better than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main lead? Let’s remember that the formerly known “Austrian Oak” has the unfair advantage of starring in many memorable action movies of the 1980’s that resonated with many. It is not just Predator in which audiences affectionately refer to his role. Without Schwarzenegger’s charming foreign accent, do you really think his role in Predator would have been as memorable? It is doubtful.

Danny Glover isn’t exactly known for making his mark in action movies. His Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon franchise seemingly always took a secondary position to Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs. But Predator 2 gave him his chance to shine! Also, there is something about an urban setting that gives the predator seemingly so much more to do. The level of violence is on the same level as the original, although many of the background characters do not stand out with one exception. Bless Bill Paxton.

Gary Busey makes his mark as the intimidating government agent, Peter Keyes. His character is portrayed to be a foe of Glover’s Mike Harrigan until a plot twist toward the end changes the audiences feelings toward him. Glover and even the predator itself get to have their own one liners in this one that should have rightfully have had more durability with the fans. Are you telling me that you don’t remember the predator down in a heap after falling into and through a residential building and telling himself “shit happens?”

Predator 2 should also be given credit for at least attempting to give us Alien vs Predator a lot sooner than it did. At least that shot of that rounded elongated skull shown in the predator’s lair provoked exciting discussions before the year 2004 rudely tarnished those memories. It may not be anymore of a classic than the original, as pop culture has proven, but it deserves to be at least on a par.

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