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April 28, 2016

“Civil War” Mobile App Brings the Battle Home

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Written by: Jason Stewart
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Civil War

2016 has been the year of the dueling Super Heroes. First, Batman v Superman beat each other up… Next up  on the docket will be Captain America: Civil War.  

To get you in the mood for that, Marvel and Disney have not one, but two, new mobile versions of said battle, pitting Iron Man v Captain America.

In advance of the Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, in theaters May 6, Marvel and Disney are releasing a new limited time event inspired by the film along with five new movie-themed characters for the hit mobile game Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2.  During this event, players will receive a free version with Iron Man on iOS devices while Android players will get the version with Captain America.


Check out the Game Trailer here:




In Spec Op 2: Civil War,commanders will be a part of the conflict between the two Super Hero factions; those supporting Iron Man or Captain America. In this new time-limited experience players will need to make their choice at the beginning of the Spec Op with each path granting unique rewards. Those who choose Team Iron Man and complete the full Spec Op will earn Winter Soldier while those who choose Team Captain America can add Falcon to their roster.


Details for the new characters include:


  • Winter Soldier: As a Blaster, Winter Soldier uses a variety of weapons.  He’s tricky and acrobatic; while he doesn’t hide, he outsmarts his opponents with unexpected maneuvers like subtly switching hands on a weapon or approaching from an unexpected angle.


  • Falcon : Falcon is a Scrapper for Team Captain America and a highly acrobatic character that uses a lot of aerial swoops and flips to attack his enemies.  Falcon also deploys his “pet” drone, Redwing, to give him additional edge in combat.


  • Captain America : As a Bruiser class character, Civil War Captain America delivers greater damage to his enemies when his allies are hurt.


  • Iron Man : Civil War Iron Man is a Tactician that has extra shielding for both himself and his allies.


  • Agent 13: Agent 13 is a reward hero for a new PVP tournament launching in the Captain America: Civil War timeframe. Agent 13 is a martial artist hacker, spy, and shooter. Being a Tactician many of her attacks disable the targets.


  • More Captain America: Civil War inspired characters and costumes to come.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is now available on the App Store®, Google Play™, Amazon Appstore and the Windows Phone Store. For more information, please visit Fans can follow Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 on Twitter @MarvelAA and Facebook


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