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April 17, 2016

Box Office Roundup: Disney Wins With A Book

Disney is taking over the world.  They own Star Wars, Marvel, animated hits (Zootopia just the most recent), and now they have another certified hit both critically and commercially on their hands.  Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book has opened huge, bringing in an estimated $103.5 in its opening weekend at the box office.  Finishing above industry expectations, The Jungle Book has been universally praised by critics and audiences alike, currently sitting at 95 % on  The Jungle Book seems like an event film that is a reason to get out of your house and experience a truly amazing cinematic 3D experience.

Barbershop: The Next Cut which is sitting pretty at 92 % on RT scored a solid $20.2 million opening weekend at the box office. It’s good to see my current home town of Chicago getting some love on screen and with excellent results.

Last weeks box office champion The Boss dropped to third place adding $10.1 million for a current domestic cume of $40.2 million.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice famish in fourth adding $9.1 million to the $311.3 million domestic run.  Worldwide, BVS sits at $827.3 million, and looking unlikely to hit the ever-so-important superhero billion dollar mark.  Yet more disappointing news for WB and DC fans everywhere.

Rounding out the top five is Zootopia which now sits at $307 million.  If Disney ever runs into financial trouble, I think that will signal the end of the world.  They seem to have a nice amount of cash and depending on how you feel about their empire, we’re going to be getting more Disney movies than ever.  Good for the Blockbuster, bad for the mid-budget “interesting” flicks.  Nevertheless, it’s a great time to be alive, cheers everybody.  Have a great week, and go to the movies!

The Jungle Book trailer:

Barbershop: The Next Cut trailer:

The Boss trailer:

BVS trailer:

Criminal trailer:

Here’s the full weekend top ten estimates via

Rank Title Weekend Domestic Total
1. The Jungle Book $103,567,000 $103,567,000
2. Barbershop: The Next Cut $20,210,000 $20,210,000
3. The Boss $10,170,000 $40,251,910
4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $9,010,000 $311,311,730
5. Zootopia $8,235,000 $307,478,756
6. Criminal $5,850,000 $5,850,000
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $3,260,000 $52,095,490
8. Miracles from Heaven $1,900,000 $56,930,812
9. God’s Not Dead 2 $1,712,236 $16,956,407
10. Eye in the Sky $1,561,998 $13,121,983

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Peter Towe
A graduate of UMASS Boston, I have successfully put off getting a "real" job, and continue to watch, produce, review, and obsess over movies. I lived in Boston while I completed my degree, and now live in Chicago trying the improv thing.



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