April 30, 2016

Active Voices: The Brandon Easton Interview

Active VoicesThe Creatives are heard again as Active Voices makes its Age of the Nerd and YouTube debut!
First up in our new home is Writer/Director Brandon Easton, who might be the busiest person we know. Not only will he be writing part of Marvel Comics Civil War II arc this year  (which happens to bring back a new version of a favorite 90’s character), but he also will penning Transformers: Deviations for IDW Publishing.
Never one to stand pat, Easton has just spent the last year as a staff writer for ABC’s much loved and lamented Marvel drama, Agent Carter. That’s on top of his Eisner nominated issue of Watson and Holmes as well as his well-received graphic novel Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.
Let’s not forget he wrote, produced and directed 2014’s inspiring documentary Brave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century.  This is one creative with knowledge and experience like the deep side of the Pacific.
His take on the state of comics, television, movies is must listening. In this interview, Easton holds court on topics ranging from A to Z, or more precisely, from Batman to WWF Wrestling. Funny, thought provoking and relentlessly insightful, Easton makes Active Voices re-debut a thing to behold.
But now’s the time for you to find that out for yourself…

Active VoicesActive Voices on File: Brandon Easton’s comic book work includes Arkanium and Transformers: Armada for Dreamwave Productions, Shadowlaw, released in January 2012 to an immediate sell-out from Arcana/Platinum Studios for which he won the 2012 Glyph Award for Best Writer; Miles Away, a teen superhero series from Antarctic Press, and multiple titles for Lion Forge Comics, including a critically-acclaimed Andre the Giant graphic novel biography.

As a guest writer for New Paradigm Studios’Watson and Holmes (a reinterpretation of the Holmes mythos set in modern Harlem, NY) comic series for which he received a 2014 Eisner Award nomination for Best Single Issue or One Shot for issue #6. The Eisner Award is considered to be the “Academy Award” of the comic book industry. His work on Watson and Holmes also netted several Glyph Award wins including Story of the Year, Best Writer and the Fan Award. His screenwriting work includes Warner Bros. Animation’s 2011 ThunderCats TV reboot and Hasbro’s Transformers: Rescue Bots, as well as season 2 of the ABC TV series Agent Carter.

In 2014, Easton produced, directed and wrote the documentary Brave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century that highlights the inspirations, struggles and creations of a new crop of African-American speculative fiction scribes. Brave New Souls was screened at Eagle Con at Cal State LA, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo and is slated for multiple festivals and comic cons across the U.S.  Brandon regularly incorporates his life experience and knowledge of social science into his projects; delivering potent dramatic sequences built from the intersection of race, class and gender. Check out the trailer at Download the documentary at or stream it via Amazon Instant.

Last year, Brandon was named as one of the eight finalists in the prestigious Disney/ABC Studios Writing Program where he was chosen from over fifteen-hundred applicants to receive a one-year position as a writer at the Disney company. In early 2016, Brandon was nominated for the 2nd annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics for Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.. His latest project is writing Transformers: Deviations for IDW Publishing and Night Thrasher for Marvel Comics Civil War 2 arc.


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