February 12, 2016

Pop! Pop! Ep. 20 – Superbowl Trailer Round-Up!

Welcome back to another episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!  This week marks the 20th episode of drunken, chaotic podcasting! Woo!

The guys discuss Charlize Theron hopping in her car and driving into a new franchise; Deadpool receiving the go-ahead from Fox for a sequel and we’ll be getting fan-favorite Cable along with it; and Ryan Reynolds is a dream-maker it seems because his next priority is making an X-Force movie happen, god bless your soul Ryan.  There’s also some rumblings coming from the Star Wars camp as a couple new helmets from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story leaked online (seen below).


On this week’s Stoopid Newz the guys thrash on the idea of a Sonic the Hedgehog movie and they dust off their barf bags as Lionsgate raises the Saw franchise from the grave for an 8th installment.

Last but not least the guys breakdown all of the super awesome Superbowl trailers (that all seem to have subtitles) that they saw over the weekend, including: Captain America: Civil WarX-Men: ApocalypseJason BourneTMNT: Out of the Shadows and more!


Show Notes:

[0:00 – 1:29] Intro & sweet smooth jams.

[1:29 – 7:36] Charlize Theron rumored to be the next villain in the Fast & Furious franchise.

[7:37 – 20:55] Deadpool gets green lit for a sequel (featuring CABLE!) and Ryan Reynolds makes an X-Force movie his next priority.

[20:56 – 29:38]  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will feature brand new classifications of Storm Troopers.

[29:39 – 33:37]  Joel goes on a rant about how Qui Gon Jinn is a sith.


[33:38 – 39:37] There’s going to be a live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie…

[39:38 – 44:59]  Lionsgate dusts of the Saw franchise for the 8th installment of the horror legacy.


[45:00 – 1:13:13] Superbowl trailer round-up!

[1:13:14 – 1:14:54] Outro / shout-outs!

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Joel Reaves
Joel (Aka The LA Nerd) is an independent filmmaker and podcaster that loves comic books about zombies, really short walks to the bar, and redheads named MJ but he's definitely not Spider-Man so stop asking, okay? Jeez.



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