February 23, 2016

Stefan Kapicic Nerds Out About Deadpool and His Role as Colossus

With all the record-breaking success surrounding the release of the film, its natural to see the internet exploding with Deadpool related content. Well we basically struck gold over here Age of the Nerd, and were lucky enough to sit down and speak with Stefan Kapicic, the actor responsible for successfully bringing Colossus to the silver screen. Check out what the very kind-hearted and outgoing Stefan Kapicic has to say about his role as Colossus and what exactly it was like to be a part of film like Deadpool.

What was the experience like?

Its was such a specific and beautiful experience, best described as being a part of a dream. I am a big comic book fan, so getting a part in a movie like this for me, is getting a chance to fulfill a childhood dream. It really is just so amazing. Thats the best way I know how to say it.

Most of what you bring to this character was recorded in a sound booth. What was that process in the sound booth like working with Ryan Reynolds?

“Ryan was present in most of the scenes, and he helped me alot, hes a great colleague. And he was ad-libing a bit, changing things up with his own character. He’s not only the main lead character, he is also a producer on the movie, and he was so into the movie, he wanted every single thing to be as perfect as it possible. “

“And thank God for Tim Miller, who had his own vision to make Deadpool first and foremost for himself, as a comic book fan and as someone who loves the character probably more than anybody I know.”

We all know that it was the efforts of Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds that helped make Deadpool a reaility. What was it like working with a group so passionately involved?

“When you have a guy like Tim Miller, who is such an amazing director, and talent like Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast, all of whom were perfectly chosen, you really don’t have any kind of pressure. You just kind of release yourself and give it your best shot. And you know you have all they’re support, which means a lot. Especially because everyone of us involved wanted to give it our best shot and not to disappoint the audience, especially the fans who have been waiting for this movie for so long.

stefan kapicic

How did it come to the decision to have your character stay in his mutated form for the entire film?

“That was Tim’s idea, which if you think about it is a perfect idea. Everything is funnier when Colossus is already in his metallic mutated form. Having the character already as the big brute played better all around. The physical comedy doesn’t quite work as well if we just see him as a normal human being, exchanging banter with Deadpool. It just wouldn’t be as funny to have a humans reactions or their gentle physique. His reactions are totally contrast to the Deadpool character, basically playing the straight man in the comedy act. He size and physicality adds to the humor.”

“Also Tim had a specific vision for Colossus and it was very important to him and the staff that we portrayed Colossus the way he has been portrayed throughout the comics (not the previous movies). Tim [Miller] really focused on making sure my character resembled the comic book version as much as possible (read more about bringing Colossus to the big screen). There really is no visual similarity in face or body between myself and the character depicted in the movie.”


What would you say the most challenging part of playing Colossus was? Was there a lot of pressure on the set?

“The most pressure was really put on just not disappointing the fans and to give them the Colossus the want to see. It seems we have succeeded. Thank God for that. Seriously that was the biggest pressure, because Tim and I, and everyone else were big fans of the comic books and we didn’t want to disappoint ourselves or disappoint the fans.

What do you think first time director, Tim Miller brought to the table?

“Tim Miller has worked with some of the biggest guys in the industry and is just a master of visual effects so this just came naturally and he did an amazing job. Honestly it looks like he has been directing movies for years, like this is his 100th film.  But it’s not just his excellent visuals. Deadpool has a lot of heart and a lot of soul. A very specific comic book soul, which a lot of super hero movies don’t have.

Deadpool:colossus comic picture

What was Miller’s process going into this film? Did he have a distinct vision going into this, or was it more of an open process?

“His process included both. He [Tim Miller] had his own vision, but that vision included being open-minded, and encouraged us to improvise and gave freedom to try different things, But at the end of the day he knows what he wants and he picks it out. Honestly it was beautiful working with him, and hopefully we will work together again soon.”

On that note can you tell us what we have to look forward to in the future? Clearly rumors are flying and we are hearing whispers of an X-force team up?

“News like that is great for every one of us because it shows How big of a deal this movie has become and that it is as brillant as we thought it was going to be. But the green-light for the sequel just happened a few days ago and we still don’t know anything about it, except its a sequel is definitely happening. Unfortunately we cannot talk about any one of us, who is going or not going to be in the sequel. There is no screenplay yet, just an idea and a green-light, [with no info for us to talk about yet]. I just hope that it involves Colossus! (Kapicic says laughing)”

“I want Colossus to be the big thing in Deadpool. He really does play a big part in Deadpool and he really does have such great chemistry with the character. So I think he is definitely going to follow through and be a part of the sequel–but you never know whats going to happen. Im hoping and im praying that no matter what the sequel. Weather its another stand alone, or even if its a team up with other mutants we know Deadpool is associated with like X-Force or Excalibur, I’m thinking, or should say hoping that fans are going to want Colossus to return for the sequel.”

What was your favorite scene while working on the movie?

“It’s definitely the hardest one, because we tried it so many different ways, and the most beautiful one and the one I am the most proud of is the final monologue delivered by Colossus. It’s like 4-5 minutes, when Colossus is definitely trying to stop Deadpool from shooting Ajax, and convince him to come back and join the X-men, and you just know that Deadpool is going to shoot the guy. That is like one of the best scenes in movie in my opinion”.

Do you have anything in the works that we can look forward to?

“Honestly there is just so many doors that Deadpool is opening for me right now, its really just a whirlwind. Right now everything is so perfect and I am just so proud to be part of something as amazing as Deadpool. But hopefully we will have something more official regarding the sequel and we can talk again sometime soon.”

Deadpool Cable Sentinels art

It is abundantly clear that fans want more, so it’s safe to assume Deadpool and stories regarding Deadpool 2 will continue to dominate the news cycle, at least for the time being. Check back soon to find out more about the Deadpool sequel and other possible spinoffs!

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