February 15, 2016

‘Ghostbusters’ Teaser Trailer & Poster Ask a Very Familiar Question

The Ghostbusters reboot is roughly five months from hitting theaters, and we still haven’t seen an official trailer for the Paul Feig-directed comedy. Up to this point, all we’ve been privy to is a few promotional images and news that Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones would star as our title characters. Chris Hemsworth has also been confirmed for the film, playing the secretary character played by Annie Potts in the original.  Beyond that, we don’t know much.

Today, that all changed as Sony pictures has released and “announcement” trailer for the film. Although we don’t see any of the team in action, I think this teaser provides a nice glimpse into the tone of what Feig and company are going for. With that said, I personally don’t think that a darker tone is really fitting for a film like this, so let’s just hope that they don’t go that route.

The unfortunate news here is that we won’t get a full trailer for about three weeks when it premieres March 3rd, so we’ll just have to settle for this Ghostbusters Taser trailer, a teaser poster, and a handful of new promotional images. You can view all of this out below, and make sure to come back March 3rd as we follow-up with the full length trailer!

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15, 2016.


Here’s an unofficial synopsis for the film:

Thirty years after the original film took the world by storm, Ghostbusters is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. Director Paul Feig combines all the paranormal fighting elements that made the original franchise so beloved with a cast of new characters, played by the funniest actors working today. Get ready to watch them save the world this summer!






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