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February 16, 2016

HBO Reveals Teaser Trailer For Game Of Thrones Season Six And Fans Are Not Pleased!

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Written by: Kristyn Clarke
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HBO has just unveiled the first teaser trailer for Game Of Thrones season six and appear to be yet again toying with the emotions of fans quite possibly revealing the fate of beloved character Jon Snow.

HBO recently released a series of character posters for the upcoming season and it was noted that Jon Snow, played by actor Kit Harrington, was noticeably left out, that is until now!  The quick teaser footage for the upcoming season takes us inside the mysterious Hall Of Faces where Aria Stark had been holed up throughout much of season five and we of course see some familiar faces of characters that we already know to be dead such as Ned, Caitlin and Robb Stark creepily hanging on the wall.

We then see the faces of both Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister on the wall as well, which is what has fans up in arms, as Snow’s fate has been in question since the end of the last season and from the images released Tyrion appears to still be alive and well. Could this be some sort of vision or dream? Perhaps, but fans of Game Of Thrones know that no character is truly safe and all men must die at some point or another.

But, please George R.R. Martin, spare us Jon Snow and Tyrion for at least another season …

Game Of Thrones season six will premiere on Sunday, April 24 at 9:00pm only on HBO!

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