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January 19, 2016

‘Suicide Squad’ First Official Trailer

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Written by: Peter Towe
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Warner Brothers was forced to release their Suicide Squad Comic Con sizzle reel after it was leaked online, we are now finally treated to the FIRST OFFICIAL TRAILER for the upcoming DC antihero team-up flick.  The premise seems simple. Incarcerated inmates (the worst of the worst) are forced to team up, by the government, to save the world.  This trailer is bonkers!

Check out the “first official” Suicide Squad trailer below:

Personally, after watching this trailer I’m more excited about this squad teaming up than The Justice League assembling, and I love everything Batman (yeah Batman and Robin is amazing).  This trailer brings a much lighter tone to a film that almost everyone on the internet said was a somber, joyless, and depressing DCC venture.  While certainly darker than most super-hero pictures, director David Ayer seems to have hit the perfect tone.

suicide-squad-trailer-image-61Say what you want, but the joker looks bloody amazing.  It’s a different itake on a character with many iterations.  Harley Quinn looks amazing, but the most surprising aspect of the trailer is Mr. Jai Courtney.  He steals many moments of this trailer.  As much as his dry, uncharismatic, boring, and outright disgrasful acting has affected everything he’s done, man, he was one of the highlights.  Is this the Jai Courtney Hollywood knew but audiences never understood

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