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September 15, 2015

Seven Minute Reviews: Rebound and Redeemer

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Written by: Jason Stewart
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JjpqPYcKjtJTE4K-5b05BLcPfeZJj0znvtKiXjhASwMThe dying days of summer are here and your time for new video watching is short. You’ve already churned through everything at the Redbox and on Netflix…

But don’t despair! Seven Minutes Reviews is here with two new films and exactly seven minutes to let you know if these new releases are worth at least that much of your time.

First up, Rebound dives into the broken psyche of a woman that has just been cheated by the love of her life. While traveling across the country, she encounters hostile strangers and develops debilitating anxiety along the way.  As the directorial debut of Megan Freels Johns, the cast includes Mark Scheibmeir (The Newsroom, Artois and the Goat), Ashley James (Life Inside and Out and Hustle), Kevin Bulla (The It Factor, One Life to Live, and Joyful Noise), Wes O’Lee (Band: The Sunset Drifters), and others. 


Next up, in Redeemer, a “lean, mean fighting machine of a movie”(Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter), ex-unnamedcartel hit man Pardo (Marko Zaror, Undisputed III: Redemption, Machete Kills, Kiltro) metes out violent justice to those who prey upon the innocent.  Known on the streets as Redeemer, Pardo is a hoodie-wearing, Bible-quoting vigilante seeking redemption for his past sins by offering criminals the chance to beg for forgiveness or pay the ultimate price.

Check out the audio below to find out what Seven Minute Reviews says about these two new releases!



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