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September 10, 2015

Scream Queens Is Well On It’s Way To Becoming Our New TV Obsession!

We are well into the fall television pilot season and have already discovered several gems that are sure to be taking permanent residence within our DVR’s. At the top of our list rests FOX’s Scream Queens the new anthology horror series from American Horror Story and GLEE mastermind Ryan Murphy.

Murphy has already revealed that only four characters would make it out of the first season alive and if the series is picked up for season two those characters would be then be moving on to a new horror genre following much the same formula as American Horror Story.

After checking out the two hour premiere episode, we can say with a level of certainly that Murphy has scored yet another bonafide hit! The all-star cast for Scream Queens includes the original scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele,Skylar Samuels, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande, Keke Palmer and Nick Jonas to name a few.

The plot is centered around the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority at Wallace University which is currently being terrorized by someone donning a Red Devil costume which also happens to be the University’s mascot.  The dialogue and interaction between the characters is both smart and incredibly fresh and many of the scenarios that occur within the premiere are reminiscent to some of our favorite cult horror films such as The House On Sorority Row, Heathers and of course both the Halloween and Scream film franchises.

The show features black comedy at its’ best, as Murphy and his writing team know just how far to push the envelope without being truly offensive and the commentary on current pop culture, especially our obsession with technology and social media is spot-on.

The premiere episode moves at break-neck pace and characters are introduced and disposed of (in the most gruesome fashion, of course) rather quickly. For a premiere episode the death count was fairly high, but we can’t necessarily say that those particular characters will be sorely missed.  The premiere had just the right balance of both horror and humor and we are officially obsessed!

Be sure to tune in for the two-hour premiere of Scream Queens on September 22 at 8pm ET only on FOX!  The series will then move to its’ regularly scheduled 9pm ET timeslot the following week.

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