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September 4, 2015

Pop! Pop! Ep. 9 – Marvel Studios: Civil War

Nine episodes in and the LA Nerd and Taylor are still talking about nerdy shit on Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast!  Were you hoping that Mark Ruffalo would be in Captain America: Civil War? Well too bad, because he’s not in it!  We’ll tell you why, though!  Benicio Del Toro is officially the bad guy for Star Wars Episode XIII; Joaquin Phoenix was actually the one that backed out of the Doctor Strange deal, not Marvel; and Kevin Feige almost quit Marvel over Civil War!  Find out why and much more on this week’s episode of Pop! Pop! the Pop Culture Podcast! 
Many thanks to Mister Mitchell for his musical talents in creating our theme song. Check out his website for all things music & audio related at, and like his facebook page here!
Nerd News:

[0:00-4:14] – Intro / Shout outs

[4:15-9:24] – Mark Ruffalo not in Civil War? … but why!?

[9:25-15:57] – Benicio Del Toro officially the villain for Star Wars Episode XIII / We learn how to pronounce “Jakku.”

[15:58-18:53] – Michael “Flipper Hands” Shannon lied to us all; Zod doesn’t have flipper hands in Dawn of Justice.  Touche Michael Shannon.

[18:54-23:36] – Joaquin Phoenix dropped out of Doctor Strange when we originally thought Marvel had gone a different direction.

Main Topic:

[23:37-42:44] – CIVIL WAR between Kevin Feige and Marvel over Civil War the movie.  Who wins? Who has to concede? Anyone? WHO KNOWS!?  Also will comic book movies ever fizzle out of the mainstream?

[42:45-44:35] – Plugs / Outro


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Joel Reaves
Joel Reaves

Joel (Aka The LA Nerd) is an independent filmmaker and podcaster that loves comic books about zombies, really short walks to the bar, and redheads named MJ but he’s definitely not Spider-Man so stop asking, okay? Jeez.


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