August 30, 2015

Hannibal: Series Finale Recap!

Well, this is it folks!

The dragon was finally slayed in the (unfortunately) series finale of Hannibal!

Reba found herself captured by the hands of Francis Dolarhyde and was taken to his place. After taunting her by offering a glimmer of hope of escape, Dolarhyde reinforced his will and set fire to his place, telling her that they should both die together. But things seemingly got too much for the delusional killer and Reba found herself splattered with blood after Francis admitted that he could not bear to see her burn. After feeling the bloodied carcass of a corpse, Reba made her way out to safety.

Will told her that there was nothing wrong with her after she told him that she fell for somebody who has the mentality to end somebody’s life in such violent fashions. Although not in the same way, Will must have been thinking that his love/hate relationship with Hannibal Lecter had a degree of similarity! Convinced that he has got the upper hand on the anthropophagist, he went to the mental facility to tell Hannibal that the Red Dragon was dead. Hannibal asked him if it was good to see him but got a reply that he, no doubt, did not want. “Good? No,” Said Will. And he swiftly left.

Back at the motel, Will found himself putting up a futile struggle against the strong arms of Dolarhyde, who quickly made him see nothing but darkness. After being woken by the splash of water, Francis told Will that he felt betrayed by Hannibal and now wanted to kill him. We also learn in this episode that Dolarhyde thinks that he finally ended the life of the ‘Red Dragon.’ Whatever his actions were from here, he realised that they were nothing but his own.

At headquarters, agents Jimmy and Brian revealed that Dolarhyde faked his own death. A detail that Will kind of knew already. Jack, Will and Alana came up with a plan to kill Dolarhyde and Hannibal after offering him a deal. Alana visited Hannibal at his cell and told him that all his privileges would be given back if he agreed to go along with it, which was to be “set free” so Dolarhyde would go after him. He did so. But he had to tell his former lover that if the plan did go wrong then he would go after her and her girlfriend. Even their child! Hannibal explained that Alana was living on borrowed time after “dying” in his kitchen in the season 2 finale. Understandably, Dr. DuMaurier is less than ecstatic at the possibility that Hannibal could escape for real and told Will how selfish he was!

Soon after, Will and Hannibal were being transported in a prison van to the ruse. But Dolarhyde raced up alongside some police cars who were escorting them and shot the drivers, causing a sizeable vehicular crash that included the van! Hannibal, bound and gagged with the notorious cannibal mask, managed to free himself and threw out the corpse of one of the dead police drivers and got inside a patrol vehicle. “Going my way?,” asked Hannibal to Will. Graham, of course, entered the passenger side. He wasn’t about to give up yet!

Sometime in the evening, both of them found themselves back at Hannibal’s former home which resided on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the rocky ocean. Dressed once again in a suit, Lecter poured wine for both of them inside. Will warned Hannibal that Dolarhyde was watching their every move. But it was a warning that came too late as Hannibal was shot in the stomach, the trajectory coming from outside. A big battle ensued between the three which resulted in Will being stabbed both in the face and chest. Not fatally. Hannibal attempted to come to his rescue but was effortlessly thrown by the bigger man. As Dolarhyde went to finally end the life of Hannibal Lecter, Will came up behind him, plunging the knife into his stomach, ripping his insides to shreds. Hannibal had the final meal of his life, biting a chunk out of Dolarhyde’s throat. Thinking that he had finally pushed Will over the edge, told him, “that’s all I ever wanted for you, Will.” The two shared a bloodied embrace. But Will had one final trick up his sleeve and forcefully pushed Lecter over the cliff, himself going with him.

Cue credits.

As what happened in season 2, there was a post credit scene showing Gillian Anderson’s DuMaurier sitting at a dining table alone with her leg amputated and served atop the stand. This scene has caused great debate between fans but it is something that should pretend to not exist. Without it, the finale is just about perfect! So perfect that some fans have even backtracked on their wish for a fourth season. Producer Bryan Fuller stated that a feature length movie was still being considered although it is imagined that it would be an Amazon exclusive, or at least something that would be DTV.

Whatever happens, at least we can all say that we got three wonderful seasons that did not feel as if it short changed us, like so many other cancelled shows have in the past.

Bon appetit!

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