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August 16, 2015

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 11 Recap

Will Graham is shaken and stirred after being thrown out of the museum elevator last week but things kicked into overdrive in ‘And The Beast from the Sea’ this week!

Francis Dolarhyde is battling his inner demons, quite literally, after meeting the lovely Reba. He wants the ‘Red Dragon’ to stop killing. But after speaking with Hannibal Lecter once again in another telephone call, the former psychiatrist suggested that there is no way to stop the ‘Dragon’. Only to attempt to convince it to find another set of victims! And who better than Molly and her son….

Later on, the vulnerable pair found themselves in a life threatening situation when Molly sensed that somebody was in the house! Waking her son, they they tip toed their way outside. The stocking wearing Dolarhyde, complete with dentures containing rows of sharp teeth and gun in hand, was relentless in his trying to find them both. Molly, calm and collected, managed to get them to their car. But Dolarhyde wasn’t far behind! Aiming at the withdrawing vehicle, he got off a successful shot at her which landed her in hospital.

Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom finally got wind that Hannibal played a major part in the recent events and they come to an arrangement with the cunning manipulative killer. However, although Hannibal once proclaimed that he always kept his promises he goes against his word when he lets Dolarhyde know that the authorities are listening in on yet another call. Bloom wasn’t about to let Lecter get away with his double crossing! Hannibal, now wearing the infamous bite mask, this time a dull white colour, was wrapped securely on a dolly while Alana told him that she was going to do everything in her power to strip him of his dignity, as was promised earlier in the season should he misbehave. And that included taking away the cell toilet!

Dolarhyde, meanwhile, broke up with Reba as he began to experience high anxiety regarding the possibility that the ‘Red Dragon’ would harm her. Trying to supress her sadness, she simply told him to get his stuff and leave.

Surprisingly, Will stated that he wanted to help Dolarhyde once he catches him instead of killing him. Showing just how intelligent she is, she told Will that she knew that Hannibal set up their attempted murders and was peeved at Will for showing a generous amount of empathy for Francis.

A short time after, Hannibal was visited by Will. He confessed to having persuaded Francis to kill Molly and his stepson, but as always, there is a motive to almost everything he does. He asked Will if he wanted to change. Their conversation was a little ambiguous. But concerning his question and their past history, he was most likely attempting to goad Will into turning to the “dark side” once again. Will next week’s curiously titled ‘The Number of the Beast is 666’ see Graham turn once and for all?

Canada should tune in next Thursday, the US on Saturday to find out!


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