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August 24, 2015

Hannibal Recap: Season 3, Episode 12

The fragile mind of Will Graham is rapidly deteriorating in this week’s episode of Hannibal, currently the 12th episode in the 3rd and final season ever to be screened!

It all started with a conversation between Graham and Dr. Du Maurier, who apparently still works as a psychiatrist despite her past dodgy dealings with Hannibal. She gave her opinion that Hannibal would have no interest in killing her through second hand means as he would only wish to eat her. Although a question that could be easily construed another way, Will asked her if she thought that Lecter was in love with him! She pointed out that Hannibal had simply marked him. She fired back a question that went unanswered, “Do you ache for him?”

Resorting to desperate measures, Crawford and co came up with a plan to rile Francis Dolarhyde, alter ego The Red Dragon. But catching Will unawares while speaking with Alana about their plan, he saw flashes of mirrors in her eye sockets. Something that Dolarhyde takes pleasure in doing! They easily convinced Dr. Chilton to give his psychoanalysis on Dolarhyde, but with deliberate lies in order to bring him to the surface. Attacking Francis’ very manhood, it was a piece that he did not take too kindly to!

Peeved at the fibs told about him in Freddie Lounds’ article, poor Dr. Chilton was kidnapped by Dolarhyde and was made to admit them while bound to a chair. But Reba interrupted the proceedings, knocking on the door! Letting her in, Chilton kept deathly quiet while she told him that she knows that he can love a person, but it seemed that Dolarhyde wasn’t having any of it and she left. Continuing on, and as shown in the movie depictions, a series of pictures of his past victims were shown to a terrified Chilton. A little while later, he was made to confess the lies that he told on a video camera. Asking if he could then go, Dolarhyde said there was one more thing that he could do to make him understand what he is. Inserting those familiar sharp false teeth and then crawling over his own furniture on all fours like, well, how a dragon would to get to the hospital director, he took a sizeable bite out of his top lip!

Back at the hospital, Hannibal received a package that was hand delivered by Alana Bloom. Lecter asked her if he could open it privately, a request that was denied. The bitten remains of Chilton’s lips were inside, one piece of which was hinted at being consumed by Hannibal when one part later became missing! A video was also included, that was viewed by Bloom, Graham and Crawford. It was the taped confession of the “lies” that were told by Chilton. After hearing his piercing screams when Dolarhyde attacked him, Will could only crumble to the floor, his hands clasping his ears to try and block out the sound!

In another session with Bedelia, she asked Will if he knew that his actions prior to Chilton’s assault could have posed some risk to his life. Graham said that he wasn’t surprised at the outcome! It was becoming clear to Bedelia that Hannibal still had a tremendous amount of influence over him and told him that he participated, somewhat, in the planning of Chilton’s fate. This chilling dialogue piece was overshadowed by the sight of Chilton’s body, now alight in flames, rolling toward a fountain in a wheelchair.

Later, Graham went to the medical facility in which Chilton’s badly burned body was being treated and asked the charred Chilton what happened. Managing to utter a few words, Graham was forced to hear that Chilton realised that he was setup. However, he did have some valid information that he and Crawford could use. That a woman briefly talked with the killer! But things may have been realised too late because the next thing we saw was Dolarhyde carrying her gagged and tied self into his home. Laying her on to a bed and removing her gag, Dolarhyde confessed all to a frightened Reba!

What will this mean for her well being? We will find out in the last ever episode of Hannibal next Thursday (Canada) and Saturday (USA)!


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