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August 5, 2015

Deadpool Red Band Trailer

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Written by: Sean McAloon
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There was alot of awesome trailers to come out of San Diego Comic Con this year, and pretty much the entire world got to witness the majority  of the most exciting reveals to come premiere in San Diego. DC fans definitely got their moneys worth, finally getting a solid look at their upcoming shared universe. The Batman Vs Superman trailer premiered at San Diego Comic Con, but was immediately released to the rest of the world to see. As a bonus WB showcased their first look at The Suicide Squad, designed to be kept exclusive. But thanks to the overwhelming amount of leaked cell phone footage, Warner Bros unprecedentedly admitted defeat and decided to release the trailer publicly the following day. Yup the masses won and pretty much managed to see everything revealed at SDCC just from your twitter feed. Everything that is, besides Deadpool.

Despite all the glory that was streamed live across the world, the one major trailer everyone was buzzing about was Deadpool. Of course their was a considerable amount of cell phone footage, but overall Fox locked it down, and in a much more conventional Comic Con style, left the footage remain exclusive to the viewers lucky enough to see it live. Of course this just adds fuel to fire and leaves the world in anticipation. Oh and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the marketing in the meantime for this film has been fantastic. Well, wait no longer friends, the moment is finally here! Check out the official red-band trailer below!

First thought after seeing this trailer. This looks f*cking awesome. If you are even remotely close to being a Deadpool fan (which by and large is a universally popular character) then you will like this movie. Not only does it look faithful to the source material, it actually succeeds in bringing that to live-action. Despite it’s R-Rating, I am fairly confident this movie will still be a mega financial success.

Personally I rejoice in seeing Ryan Reynolds reprise* his role as Wade Wilson and cannot wait to see this film. What’s not to love? Seriously, I want to know. Please explain thoroughly in the comments section below..

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016

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