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July 10, 2015

Hannibal: Season 3, Episode 6 Recap

After last week’s battering at the hands of Jack Crawford, Hannibal Lecter was left to hobble back home, bleeding at the seams. Bedelia helped stitch up the wounds. But why help somebody who was willing to end her life in such an unspeakable way?

Will finally met up with Jack later, but was hardly surprised to see him with his own wounds after being thrown off the back of a train last week, much to the disillusion of this viewer. The two men discussed Mason Verger’s plans for Hannibal’s capture. Graham admitted once again that he wanted to run away with Hannibal but Jack reminded him that he “needs to cut that part out.”

Hannibal began to realise that his time in Florence was coming to an imminent end. Bedelia, possibly worried about her reputation and future, asked him what he would say about her when he is finally apprehended. Perhaps acknowledging her assistance, he stated that he would tell the best truth about her. Of course, this could be interpreted in more than one way and she would be naive not to.

Meanwhile, Mason Verger is preparing Hannibal’s capture, even going as far as dreaming about cannibalising him! Waking to good news, Margot informed him that his team have been setup in Florence.

In what is perhaps the most trippiest of lesbian scenes, Alana Bloom and Margot made love. Afterward, she informed her beloved that she intended to turn in her brother into the authorities.

Gun in hand, Chiyoh entered the apartment of Hannibal and Bedelia. Observing the cannibal killer’s former psychiatrist shooting up drugs, she announced herself and informed her that Graham intends to kill Hannibal. But Bedelia remained almost nonchalant. Soon afterward, Will and Jack made their presence known, but Bedelia was too out of her mind to comprehend what was going on around her. Stupidly and in a late fashion, she said she was Lydia Fell, Dr. Fell’s former wife, something she was determined to actually believe!

Hannibal, involved in his passion for sketching, chose to relax at a museum. And guess who turned up? Why, it was his old friend Will Graham, of course! He now understood the man behind the bloodlust and didn’t waste time telling him so. The two walked out of the museum and into the streets, but Chiyoh was set to put her plan in motion. Get rid of Will Graham! With a desecrated mind, Will pulled out a knife and got ready to kill Hannibal! But a bullet fired from Chiyoh’s rifle hit Graham in the shoulder, flooring him.

Coming to, he listened to Hannibal as he told him that he wished that he would have run away to Florence with him and showed him of its beauty. Will felt a rude interruption to brief reality as he was administered a drug that knocked him unconcious and woke up sitting at a dinner table.

Jack, not far behind, entered an elevator with Chiyoh, weapon rather poorly concealed. Stepping out and into the room where WIll is being confined, a sharp pain greeted him! Hannibal was hiding under the dinner table, awaiting Jack’s arrival and slashed the back of his leg. Waking up shortly after, he realised that he is Imprisoned with Will! Picking up a compact saw, Hannibal began to slice away just above the forehead while Jack looked on in complete terror! But scene faded out and in to reveal Hannibal and a bloodied Will hanging upside down next to a rather large quantity of pigs. It was at that moment that it probably was no surprise when Mason entered and greeted them both…..

Dolce was probably the most surreal episode yet in season 3! However, the sometimes unbelievable reactions from some of the characters to certain instances did, but rarely, remove itself from the mind in terms of plausibility. Still, the series continues to plow through which should now be nothing short of an unstoppable juggernaut of twists and turns!

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